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It's Friday Then*...

It has been a while since I have been so excited for it to be weekend.  I've had a stinking horrible stinking STINKING cold for the last 11 days, and today was the first day that my excitement to get home was NOT because I could go to bed. So Yay!!!!

*"It's Friday Then" is a reference to this silly happy YouTube clip.  It has become Mr. LAWIM's go-to greeting to me on a Friday evening.  It embodies so much joy!  And, I suppose, it has become part of the little mini-culture our little household is creating as South Africans on foreign soil, with our own little inside jokes and references that no-one at home or here or there where you are will ever quite understand.  

So my intentions for this evening are:
  • Write this Newsletter
  • Tease the Boys (mandatory and only fair, now that they are getting hairy upper lips)
  • Make eyes at Mr Lawim
  • Play with Yarn
  • Stop Buddy from eating said yarn
A modest little wishlist that fills me with great joy!

Between sneezing and coughing and feeling rather sorry for myself (and telling EVERYONE around me how sorry I felt for myself), I have been making lots of Pansies.  I only need six for the mandala I am working on, but I found myself enjoying the making of them so much that I keep starting another lot of six.  You can read more about it in my latest post.  

I'm using Scheepjes Softfun Minis, and the Rainbow Colourway makes me very VERY happy.  The colours play SO beautifully together.  Here is an example of Parts 7 - 9 of Charlotte's Universe worked up in the Rainbow Colourway.

Doesn't that just SCREAM happiness?  You can read more about the Rainbow Minis HERE.

And now I am going to leave you, but before I do, here are some shameless pattern plugs.

Quick Christmas Makes


1.  For a Crafter

If you have crochet buddies in need of a quick(ish) Christmas gift, I suggest making them one of these Ammonite Hook Rolls.  I use mine EVERY DAY and absolutely love how the grey compliments my Clover Amour hooks (available from and  I recommend these hooks above all the others I have tried, by the way.  I wrote an in-depth crochet hook review, if you would like to know how I found working with many different brands.

Also, you could always make this hook roll higher/taller to fit your favourite make-up brushes... just saying...


2.  For a Friend with Super Cold Hands

(Like me when I am working on the computer at work)

I'm not joking!  My boss has the aircon on all year round, so I wear these when I'm working at my computer in the winter. 

These Ammonite Wristwarmers have a lovely textured 'body' and a pretty little Ammonite closure.


3. For the Little Ones

I LOVE these little animals.  They are a collaboration between me and my friend Anette Bak, and make super cute stocking stuffers.  You can find the free patterns HERE on Ravelry.

They look brilliant made in Scheepjes Stonewashed yarn (Moonstone for the Main Colour and Minis for the Contrasting Colours).

These little beauties are patiently waiting to be attached to a mobile frame so that they can dangle over a baby's cot (like this Little Zoo Mobile).  I don't have babies in the house anymore, so they are patiently waiting for the following two things to collide:
  • someone I know to have a baby
  • me to get my act together, make the mobile and take good photos!

Righto.  That's me all typed out and you all caught up.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!






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