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Hello, hello, hello!!!

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity.  On Sunday, I published the information post for Charlotte's Universe, and since then I've spent most of my time (when not at work or looking after Buddy and the Boys) knee-deep in Charlotte-related Admin.  Part of me is spinning a little bit, but the biggest part of me is LOVING IT!

I've got a fantastic group of people helping me out with the Facebook Group, Ravely Group (mental note to self:  Add the Ravelry group to the post before sending this email tonight!), Testing, Translating, Proof-reading, Cheerleading...  This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!!

You can read all about it HERE in the Charlotte's Universe Information Post.  

Regarding Yarn Packs, these are now back in stock, with 'Pink Charlie' (pictured below and made by Anna Moore) almost sold out again. 

Photo Credit:  Anna Moore (Canada)

There are still plenty of Vintage kits, and a few Sunshine kits.  I only have a work-in-progress photo of the Sunshine one for now, but she is SO JOYFUL!

Photo Credit: Cass Micheli (Australia)

You can find links to all the kits in the Information Post linked above.

Anna Moore - Featured Maker

For this newsletter, I've decided I'd do a little 'Maker Feature' on Anna. Not only did she come up with the Pink Charlie colourway above, but she also re-made the original colourway to take photos at the end of each part for me.  She is a prolific crocheter with a very keen eye for colour and mad photography skills.  She also has a wonderful ability to take a design and transform it by her use of colours and different yarn.  I LOVE how she takes a pattern and makes it her own.  She is also the most gentle, patient, loving soul.  I am very fortunate to have her as a friend and collaborator. 

You can find Anna Moore on Ravelry HERE.

Below you can see her interpretations of some of my patterns and some patterns by other designers (right at the end).  It is a whole bunch of pretty, and will hopefully inspire someone to think outside the box when next they see a pattern they adore.  All these photos are courtesy of Anna Moore (she doesn't know I've used them for this!  Surprise!!)

  • Top Left:  Fancy Nancy Mandala 
  • Top Right:  Fancy Nancy Square - how cool does that look with the contrast between the whirl (centre) and the grey?  I can just imagine this as a sister to her Jeanette at Sunset interpretation.
  • Bottom:  Camping in Cornwall Rug - I designed this as a rug pattern using two strands of Chunky Monkey held together.  Anna transformed it into stunning these stunning wall hangings by using Scheepjes Whirl - how's THAT for thinking outside the box?

  • Top Left: Unseen Mandala - I love crochet mandala silhouette photos!
  • Top Right: Celestial Mandala (Paid Pattern in Yarn 9 Bookazine and on Ravelry, copyright Scheepjes) - Anna made this teal version, featured in the bookazine.
  • Bottom Left: Life in Colour Shawl - This pattern was written for Scheepjes Wanderlust, but look how stunning it looks made with Whirl and a few more repeats!
  • Bottom Right:  Banksia Baby Blanket

  • Top Left: Sophie’s Dream Squares 
  • Top Right:  Emma Blanket in Stonewashed, using Stonewashed Cutie Pies
  • Bottom Left: Another Emma Blanket to show how different it looks with a colour-change yarn.
  • Bottom Right:  Charlotte’s Dream 

  • Top Left:  Charlotte’s Sunshine Baby (brainchild of Misty Babcock, featuring my Charlotte Square, a few rounds from the Sunshine Owl CAL by Vanessa Smith, and some extra rounds by Misty herself) 
  • Top Right:  Hooked on Grannies by Vanessa Smith.  The pattern was designed using MANY colours (amazing) but Anna made all the squares using Scheepjes Whirl (also amazing).  It is worth looking at the Ravelry projects for this blanket to see how changing colours can completely change the feel of a project.
  • Bottom Left:  Love Yourself Mandala by Louisa Sheward (I was lucky enough to be one of the testers for this pattern)
  • Bottom Right:  Rozeta by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk 
Sometimes we get so stuck on how the designer presents a pattern that we don't realise we can make it be anything we want.  We can use doily patterns to make large rugs using t-shirt yarn or multiple strands held together.  We can square mandalas to make blankets from.  We can make potholders from pretty squares and bags and cushions by adapting blanket patterns...

We can use whatever yarn/colours we want to make whatever our hearts desire!

Yes, the designer has a vision, but that vision tells their story. How you choose to use the design and the colours you choose tellsYOUR story.

Have a great evening!


Sophie's Dream Yarn Packs

You can find the pattern for Sophie's Dream (All 4 Seasons) HERE.
Sophie's Dream {Spring}

26 Packs Available
Sophie's Dream {Autumn}

14 Packs Available
Sophie's Dream {Winter}

1 Pack Available





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