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Good afternoon!

After my last rambling (super-fun-to-write) newsletter, I have opted for brevity(ish).  I'll share the patterns first so that you don't have to read through everything to get to it.  After that, if you are keen, I will tell you what we have been up to this last month.

Jeanette at Sunset

A little while ago, I met a lady through Instagram.  Being acquainted with the beautiful things she makes, I sent her a copy of my then-unpublished Jeanette square pattern.  Three weeks later, she sent me this gorgeous photo. 

I fell head over heels in love with her interpretation of my square and asked her if we could work together to share the pattern with you.  She kindly agreed, and so Anna Moore and I are pleased to introduce:  Jeanette at Sunset.

This is a small blanket (105cm x 105cm/41" x 41") but it packs a mighty rainbow punch.  

You can find the free pattern for it HERE.  Yarn packs are also available from my Wool Warehouse Shop.

Jeanette Square

If you don't fancy making a whole Jeanette blanket, but would still like to incorporate the Jeanette Square in one of your other creations, you can find the free pattern for the Jeanette Square HERE on my website and HERE on Ravelry (where you can buy a print-friendly add-free PDF, should you choose to). 

Instructions and Materials are supplied for making a 18.5cm/7.3” square using Scheepjes Stonewashed and a 3.5mm hook, or making a 30.5cm/12” square using Scheepjes Stonewashed XL and a 5.5mm hook.

The Jeanette Square is named after a very dear friend of mine:  Aunty Jeanette.  I dated her son when I was just old enough to lose my heart and soul completely and still young enough to believe that I would only ever love that one boy.  It was the era of Dawson's Creek, he was my Dawson, and, ironically, we broke up 18 months later after watching an episode of Dawson's Creek.

When I started designing this square for the April 2017 Devon Sun Yarns Retreat, the colours of my prototype reminded me of a scorching summer day in the Little Karoo, which started with a drive in a '72 model Merc, peaked with a detour to pick Prickly Pears (my favourite fruit, should you ever wish to buy me fruit), and ended with Aunty Jeanette and her son having to tweeze a million Prickly Pear thorns out of my body.  It was a glorious day!!  

This is me and Aunty J when I last saw her face to face in 2014.  Can't you just hear her rumbling laughter?


In Other News

We have had a very interesting month, for lack of a better description.

For those of you who don't know, I am now a Rugby Mom!  I spend every Sunday morning freezing my behind off for two hours, yelling 'Tackle him!' at the top of my voice and occasionally trying to crochet with frozen fingers.  Rugby season finished with a day out at the Twickenham Rugby Festival last month.  I was so cold that I begged a friend who lives close by to bring me all the warm things she could.  I ended up being draped in shawls and blankets, and although it is not the way I usually go around in public, I have to tell you that I have never been as snug and I will definitely be doing it again next Winter!!

This photo makes me so happy for so many reasons and I keep coming back to it to try and figure out exactly what it is about it that draws me.  Maybe it is the overcast sky (I LOVE overcast skies).  Maybe it was spending a day with family and friends?  Maybe it was the fact that Boys 2 and 3 played their little hearts out?  Maybe it is the fact that I was wrapped in the delicious Joy's Journey Blanket (free pattern plug).  Maybe it is Boy 2's hug or his beautiful foreshortened left arm and hand, making it look as if HE is caring for me, not the other way around.

Anyhoo... Boy 2 broke said left arm quite badly a week later, falling hardly any distance at all from the monkey bars at school.  A LOOONG day and night later, and a spot of surgery, and he was back to his sunny (cheeky) self.

Sitting outside the theatre crocheting, I had a flashback to when we were sitting in that very same spot what feels like a lifetime ago, waiting for Boy 1 to come out of surgery. Both times I was busy working on a design to keep me distracted.  Both times said design was carted around in a Cath Kidston bag (cream and pink then, grey and pink now).  BOTH times I wondered why the linoleum in hospitals never looks clean despite multiple scrubbings.  This should not surprise me.  I have worked in hospitals for almost 20 years now.  You can read my Instagram post about it HERE.

Since coming back from that hospital encounter, things have gone a bit pear-shaped with my health and my head, but I found great solace in making the Love Yourself Mandala by Louisa Sheward from The Fibre Lounge.  I used scrap yarn left over from the Medium version of the Ubuntu CAL.  You can read more about that HERE on Instagram.

I've also managed to do a bit of sewing.  As usual, it was past 8 at night when I was reminded of the need for a costume for the next day.  I think I did a pretty fine job :)  Full disclosure, I didn't make the hat, the socks, or the shoes.  But I did make everything else (including that strapping lad).

And just so that Boy 3 doesn't feel left out, here he is snuggling in my Namaqualand Shawl while we watched The Greatest Showman for the kazillionth time a few weekends ago.  My little crochet magpie!

Now that you are all up to date, I'm going to go outside and plant some strawberries and peas with Mr. LAWIM while the boys watch 'How to Train Your Dragon'.  Actually, I might leave the strawberries and peas until tomorrow and watch it with them.  Decisions, Decisions...

Have a wonderful weekend x


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