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I almost dare not mention the Indian summer just in case this fabulous weather stops. Today we put the umbrellas up on the terrace because it was too hot in the sun! Madness welcome madness indeed! I never really thought that our new logo would invite four legged furry clients or that the terasa was a man’s best friend destination but it appears so ! We are delighted to be in doggy fashion. 
Glad to say so far the response to the English Breakfast has been that we are not making a dog’s dinner of it.  Home cured bacon, home made Lincolnshire sausages and our own chutney – seems to be going down well every day and every hour but especially for “business breakfast” meetings!  Remember rise and shine with our breakfast special offer of two teas or coffees for one.
Back at the Atelier we have hosted a number of “The Best of Romania” wine and food dinners with wine tasting.  If showing off to your clients or head honchos from afar just how good Romanian quality can be appeals or you just want to share a really special evening with friends then give us a buzz and we will see what special evening we can conjure up for you! Here is a sample menu for you to check out.

THE BISTRO – Putul Lui Zamfir 15
This week’s menu is sunny and orange too!  I perhaps overdid the garlic in the first batch of pumpkin & tahini dip but have to say I  like it (eat with a close friend and celebrate lowering your cholesterol levels together).  Carrot & Coriander soup is a particular favourite of a friend of mine so that’s on for Simina!  Pumpkin pie just because…and I like to flavor it with a bit of coriander and lemon too.  Shepherds pie for main…well I was just in a shepherd kind of mood so on the menu it went!  We are absolutely flabbergasted to have reached number 8 on TripAdvisor and a thank you to those of you who take the time to write  – it really does help us in these early days to receive all feedback at TripAdvisor.  Feel free to order take out too by calling Gelu or Alina on 0736933531

  • Whether its a special occasion,  impressing your clients or keeping the kids occupied for a whole three hours of silence on a Saturday morning there should be something for everybody here!  As usual you can see  all the details on our facebook page as we post them up.
  • 29th October – ROMANIAN WINES: Richard’s fabulous wine course continues with diligent students working hard.  We have a couple of places that are available on a “rotating basis” if you fancy a single lesson.
  • 1st November – Wonderful produce from la Tienda…and a UNIQUE olive oil tasting with Taste Award’s Gold Medal winning Ionian Olive oil from my friend Themis.  A very special evening indeed: Spanish Fine Wines from the private cellar of Oliver Bauer.  Food by Rachel Sargent. From Oliver’s cellar rare fine Spanish wines.  I just love the flavours of Spain and North Africa so we have put together a hearty menu that we hope does the wines justice.  100 Euro pp
  • 4th November POP UP DINNER by Irina and Valos. How fabulous to be hosting young Romanian cooking talent and for me to be taking a back seat in the kitchen!  An imaginative menu by Irina 60 Ron pp, drinks not included.  Wonderful  wines from the Crama Girboiu Livia range at 45 Ron a bottle or 15 Ron a glass. Cheers and Pofta Buna!

Thanks for all your brilliant support – keep the ideas and suggestions coming and see you soon! 
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