Well finally we have a website….phew! can see all the events and things we can do for you at the atelier now at so that’s a mighty big thing off the To Do list – yayyy! Now back to the food….

It was more than ten years ago that I filled a box up with foodstuffs and ingredients and headed up to Zabola to cook for Gregor and other friends and here I was again…another dinner…another box…another journey except this time I had a chef’s jacket on with my name on.  The derelict stable house was now sensitively and artfully restored and was to be the scene of the Chaine des Rotisseurs dinner as part of a Transilvanian Gastronomic Weekend 13th-15th September. Gone were the psychiatric patients (but not gone until the family had found them new accommodation) and in their place gourmets – I paused in the last rays of the summer sun to contemplate the rich and turbulent history of the place.
On the journey I stopped at the roadside stalls as I always do and picked up the last of the summer’s raspberries (which I macerated overnight and made up into some jam  this morning), catina (“sea buckthorn”) berries to make into a jelly that is very good with game and potatoes from the epicenter of Romania’s potato growing region where I had a long discussion with the couple about irrigation, water content in said spuds and how the holes and imperfections meant that the potatoes had not been treated with any chemicals. These potatoes I think deserve to be made into a truffled soup a la Jonas or perhaps a truffled Dauphinoise kind of dish.  As you can sense…it was a bit of a truffle overload this weekend!
What treats indeed for the guests and what fun to be had with Jonas and his truffle shaver (that man is always shaving truffles and personally I don’t have a problem with it). 
Jonas had set up a kitchen that any military chief would be proud of and we had fun preparing the food (a sous vide salmon, butter poached truffled trout and slow cooked lamb) and checking the wines with Roland behind the scenes and indeed could still prepare the food after diligently checking the wines.  
Finally I was not too tired to plate up the dessert and even as part of a five course dinner the majority of plates were licked clean! The Chocolate & Magiun de Prune Tart with Celeriac semifreddo was a hit and I was so excited I decided to put it on our menu this week at the Bistro – a slightly less noble and rather smaller green oasis down here in the smoke.
Call us on 0736 933 531 for Take Out food in a DOGGY BAG all packaged up in special “bio” packaging to lessen your guilt. Delivery is free on orders 100 Ron plus within this area.

  • Zucchini Soup with pesto drizzle (Supa dovlecei cu drizzle de pesto ) VG 15 Ron
  • Roast Red Pepper & Feta Dip with vegetable batons (Dip de ardei copt si feta cu legume feliate ) V GF 15 Ron
  • Green Peppers stuffed with lean beef, rice and fresh herbs with mixed salad (Ardei verde umplut cu carne de vita orez si ierburi proaspete, cu salate mixte)  GF LF 25 Ron
  • Tomato, Basil & Parmesan Risotto with mixed salads (Risotto cu rosii,parmesan si busuioc cu salate mixte) V GF 25 Ron
  • Chocolate & Magiun De Prune Tart with Celeriac Semifreddo (Tarta de ciocolata si magiun de prune cu semifredo de telina)  V 17 Ron
SET LUNCH 12-4pm Monday to Friday
  • Two Courses from the weekly menu 20 Ron with a glass of house wine or prosecco 30 Ron  (Doua feluri 20 Ron cu un pahar din vinul casei sau prosecco 30 Ron)
  • Three courses from the weekly menu 30 Ron with a glass of house wine or prosecco 40 Ron (Trei feluri 30 Ron cu un pahar din vinul casei sau prosecco 40 Ron)
          V-Vegetarian  VG-vegan (“POST”)  FF-fat free  LF-lactose free  GF-gluten free
Sorry guys…been a bit busy….I promise a recipe next week

I have heard rumblings that artisanal milk production might be “banned” in Romania thus forcing hundreds of thousands of rural workers out of work and depriving customers of dairy products made not in factories but the way they have been made for millennia.  As the lobby for real food grows across the world it seems big food and big government pitch ever stronger against it. Here is a guy making a stand:
Thanks folks and see you soon
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