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"All you need is love
But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt "  Anon

Its February and that means only one thing: CHOCOLATE! Now just in case you doubted (and shame on you) I've summarised the health benefits of dark chocolate so just click here to be sure that you are right on top of how to banish winter blues and make the most of this most super superfood. Because oh yes...those Aztecs knew a thing or two and while you don't need to mess around with sacrificial altars at home a cup of Mayan hot chocolate can bring a lot of spice to your life in more ways than one ;

We have lots and lots of creative and magical events this month with yes a lot of "chocentricity" (this might be a new word I've just invented and I'm not sure whether it means "chocolate centered" or "chocolate focused eccentricity" or both ?) I've done an all day menu for Valentines Day "Love to Eat" because we do love to eat and I feel that Valentines Day should celebrate love: the love between friends, the love between a father and daughter, a mother and a son, gay love, straight love, between grandparents and grandchildren, brothers and sisters and all the various shades and colours in between rather than just "coupledom". These various loves are perfectly expressed in the poems and quotes exhibited in our bubble this month in the form of Anca Nestor's clay tablets. Magical - click here to see them. They are available to buy for 100 Ron each and all proceeds go to Casa Ioana. 

Anyhow...back to the all important chocolate matters detailed below! Just click on the thumbnails for all the details and email me or Alina to secure your place on any particular event. or  thanks and see you soon!



Things happening at the Atelier:

Saturday 7th February Chocolate Zero 2pm -4.30pm
150 Ron Adult, 250 Ron Adult + Child package. Featuring the innovative sensitive baking that Rachel Sargent is well known for. Chocolate in its pure form is high in antioxidants and iron.  Learn how to make cakes using fruit and vegetable purees in place of flour and a chocolate mousse recipe with no dairy.  Recipes are absolutely delicious and packed full of nutrients from the veggies and nuts yet are full of taste and sensation too...they are just low on sugar and fat 

Saturday 14th February 1pm- 4.30pm Raising the Bar - Level I Chocolatier class
200 Ron Adult, 300 Ron Adult + Child Age 12 plus package.  Unleash your inner Juliet Binoche and become a chocolatier for a day! This is the first in our three part series led by chocolatier Tania Geogieva and you will taste fine chocolates and master the absolutely key step of "tempering" plus understand what this process is.  Then you will pipe special designs and create your own artisan chocolate bars  experimenting with classic and modern flavour combinations.  Dark chocolate & rum or chili and chocolate perhaps? 

Saturday 14th February Valentines Day "LOVE TO EAT" Set Menu 100 Ron pp including welcome cocktail
Whether its a slap up lunch with your mates or a cosy corner romantic diner a deux with your loved one come and love the food!  Smooth truffled celeriac soup, lovely fillet beef with a red wine and chocolate sauce or a moist salmon fillet maybe? still beating hearts...the whole orange chocolate moelleux is back. swoon. 

"COOK! EAT! DRINK!  "FOOD TO LOVE" Saturday 14th February Valentines Cooking Workshop & Dinner  7pm 
"Not just dinner darling!"  Come and cook and have a really fun different Valentines dinner! Learn to cook and find the way to his or her heart with absolute guaranteed "food to love" favourites like Beef Wellington, the famous aphodisiacal celeriac in a soup and yes...a lot of chocolate desserts. powered by the most charming and refined Corcova wines. 

Thursday 19th February Wine Match #005 with Crama Oprisor A chance to try some wonderful Crama Oprisor wines by the glass matched and suggested to our seasonal menu. Watch this space for the final wine selection

Saturday 21st February KIDS OWN POP UP RESTAURANT "My Burger Bar" 10am-2pm
125 Ron per kid and 50 Ron per guest. Burger bar will open at 1pm!  What could be more fun than creating your own burgers, buns,  sides and relishes? Well what is even more fun is creating your own POP UP restaurant where your parents and friends can come and eat what you cooked. So kids you have to cook, write the menus, set the tables, make it clean and sparkly ready for your guests to come eat in three hours. You can do it!

Tuesday 24th Wine School #005 "Chocolate & Wine"  - Tasting with food pairing bites 7pm
Does it or doesn't it?  Does wine really work with chocolate and if so which ones and how? Ports? Sweet wines? Big punch reds and savoury chocolate?  Come and try chocolate bites prepared by Rachel and some unusual combinations plus some delicious wines for a true flavour expedition! 


Saturday 28th 2pm-5pm A Perfect Tart
150 Ron Adults , 250 Ron Adult plus Child age 12 plus. Making a perfect tart is one of the most satisfying things to do in the kitchen. Rolling perfect pastry, baking blind, creating crisp pastry and wobbly custards is absorbing stuff.  And a perfect tart is such a clever device - at the same time a neat container to hold a soft filling yet something that delivers crunch and a contrast of textures. Come and master sweet and savoury tarts and re-create them at home with confidence.

"COOK! EAT! DRINK!  Friday 6th March - the Colour Red.  7pm. 
250 Ron pp Cook and eat a wonderful five dishes that feature warming and invigorating ingredients like pomegranates, walnuts and quinces yet also classics like duck confit.  This is really imaginative cooking that uses seasonal and regional ingredients yet with some Middle Eastern influences. Wines are matched by Crama Girboiu and the all inclusive price including lesson, recipes and wine is 250 Ron. 

Saturday 7th March - Afternoon Tea 2-5pm 
175 Ron Adults , 275 Ron Adult plus Child age 12 plus. Who can resist the ritual and elegance of afternoon tea? here create tea time classics as well as authentic whisky marmalade and lemon curd, billowy meringues and a wickedly sinful dark earthy Guinness chocolate cake slathered in a fudgy frosting.  who said only nice girls drank tea? 

Private Groups & parties: For your private events a chocolate party or afternoon tea party this month might be the perfect sweet thing! Add a few glasses of prosecco instead of tea maybe? Contact us so we can create your special event just for you and your team or group of friends and colleagues.  Choose from the chocolatier ones below or our classic team cookings and private dinners on the website. Click here to see a choice of team cookings or private dinner menus. 

Raising the Bar Truly Truffles My Chocolate Box

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