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I've been dashing around the country (well not dashing given the roads and the trains) but you know what I mean…and I hope to share some of these great food, wine and outdoorsy experiences with you…for it’s the "tara" that makes Romania so special…just a few hours out of Bucharest mayhem and you are far away in timeless landscapes and rhythms.  The highly productive farmed landscapes of Transylvania using traditional methods offer so much wisdom for the 21st century and I personally love to just marvel at how man and nature have come to such a bargain.

The entire process of being able to live of the land, harvest and preserve using traditional methods such as salting, canning, pickling and smoking is a culinary cornucopia for me that I never tire of exploring.  So I've been inspired by all that good saxon husbandry and have been busy making jams and jellies back at base and sorting out tours and future foodcraft events with Eco Warrior Zoltan so two immediate dates now for walking trips if you want to see the Autumn colours:  19th September and 2nd October  (2, 5, 7 days click here). Walking is gentle inclines for those with knee issues but distances are 9-21 km a day so good proper walking.

This year has not been kind to Dragasani which was hit by storms and hail but Ghislain has found some grapes and so it is with much pleasure I can announce a gourmet food & wine weekend at the stunning all modern (you might think you were in California) Avincis Winery 3rd-5th October "Delish Dragasani" click here of sumptuous food and his beautiful wines, some private gems from Ghislain's own cellar, a cookery workshop with me cooking with wine the fresh "must" and some local produce plus a visit to friend and fellow pioneer winemaker Oliver Bauer at Stirbey winery.  

Stag Rutting Weekend 10th-12th  October: Back by popular demand is a visit to the deer reserve and wildlife haven at Honor Villa with gourmet food (all local produce and featuring game) and wines but this time it’s the season when the stags are horny in every sense and fight (sometimes to the death) for their females. Bear watching, cookery workshops and Icelandic horse riding make this a fabulous family trip. Click here for all details Extra days can be added on. Just ask us if you would like transport arranged.
Food Blog: Rachel’s Creative Kitchen
At this time of year I feel a rising sense of panic that I might not be able to make a jam or chutney out of every single fruit and vegetable I see in the market. I blame early exposure to WI meetings.
Cream of roast red pepper smoked paprika soup
This smoky soup is so bright you almost need sunglasses to eat it.  The peppers render down to almost nothing so you do need lots of them but its amazingly rich in anti-oxidants. I like the richly luxurious touch of the cream but chick peas work well for a dairy free much more low cal version. Roast your peppers and freeze little bags for the dark days of winter when you can create this soup from nowhere.
Frugal three in one apple jelly pectin and puree
Frugal as in the sense that with one "recipe" you can do so much, that you can respect what nature has bestowed on us,  not as in scrooge like meanness. Perhaps miraculous would be a better way of conveying the sense of excitement and wonder I feel every time I use my apple purees and pectins…I cant explain it…it just makes me happy!
Apple mint jelly
Somebody once tried to sell me champagne with gold leaf flecks in it and this pretty jelly reminds me of that look tho' its more snowglobe glam than mobster rapper ritz I think.
And coming soon… hot plum and apple chutney and "catina" and orange jam plus fragrant poached quinces.
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