… Nederburg winemaker of the year in South Africa 2012…. More food on the terasa...salads, wraps, sorbets, gazpachos…

Right, we survived an exploding blender, a brand new dishwasher not working, water switched off and countless other small tribulations…and its going just great…we love our new terasa space.  Ive been fiddling and fussing over the new menu…. I really love the rucola gazpacho which is zesty and fresh yet doesn’t taste like pureed grass cuttings…. Been having fun making the veggie Scotch Egg mix stick around the eggs….and been baking a lot of no fat (yes its true!) skinny chocolate brownies… and testing them…ooops!
This is the food I cook at home…I really hope you will like it…. Here is the full menu that we are launching today (eek!) …and of course the drinks list too !

SOIREE ROSE FRIDAY 19TH 8.00pm – London Street Atelier GREEN, 15 Putul Lui Zamfir 125 Ron
Crama Atelier’s wines are made by the superstar winemaker of the year 2012 South Africa, Razvan Macici,  who as you might gather hails from Romania.  I am really excited to present a range of Rosés here paired with food that works well with these summery wines like Salmon Ceviche, Chicken Satay, smoky Baba Ghanoush on crostini, mini tartes of goat’s cheese with wild oregano (“sovarv”) and honey plus a sharp raspberry and lemon granita… .  check it out  and book in advance please so we don’t run out of stuff at

Tomato Gazpacho: Antioxidant Extreme! 
We are making lots of this every day and if you want to try it at home its not so hard…but do only use very ripe…even over ripe and bursting tomatoes.

Thanks folks and see you soon

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