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Its almost twenty years since I first visited the timeless green grassy landscapes of Transylvania so this last recent trip was not only of course beautiful and energising and full of good food and yes a few too many glasses of palinca but a testament to long friendships too. It’s a pleasure to be working with old friends who have as much zest for doing good and doing things the right way as they did when I first met them. My good friend Andras has opened his doors and allowed me to cook at his boutique hotel Villa Honor 22nd-24th August while offering a weekend packed with wild life activities at his deer reserve and Icelandic horse riding school. Read more details here.
Back at base its been a race against time to gather summer fruits in and keep my jam obsession at bay. We have a lovely new collaboration with young Malaysian artist
Tuan Nini who has lent her delicate watercolours to our new jam livery. Nini studied fine art here in Bucharest and its been a pleasure to work with her.
I've been very excited (I know its kind of sad but indulge me...) that the natural pectin base we created using under ripe "mere acrisor" is
working well however when we add alcohol to the jams (ooops this seems to be quite often) like in the Apricot & Amaretto and the Blueberry Mojito concoctions…maybe we got confused  by our cocktail nights? It seems to affect the firmness of the set. But maybe that’s just alcohol in general. But we have pressed on undaunted…next is the plum and port coming up.  And then…its chutney time. Oooh how saucy! 
As its been a bit hot we've just had to introduce cocktails and as its us it had to be cocktails with lots of natural fruits and stuff…my favourites are the Dessert Rose and the Think Pink. I have to say I could get used to a cocktail every day …not for breakfast…at sunset…. Meantime here are some recipes …mainly jam but also I've tried to share some gorgeous Romanian tomato recipes and ideas too before its too late and we miss them. 

My food blog: Rachel’s Creative Kitchen  
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Lovely organic vegetable boxes from "Tanti Ioana" Nicole’s boxes are full of flavourful offerings.  I was impressed by the flavours and how clean her stuff was.  I like organic but I dont like a load of mud in my kitchen…I’m not overly fussy I’m just practical…mud = bacteria especially when you are feeding the public too.
Nicole  Mihaila
0724 098 965
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