Still having a bit of a Turkish soup moment and this week made one of my all time favourite comforting soups “mecimek corbasi” or red lentil, lemon and mint soup…actually the mint is quite mild as if like me you are never sure about mint in food unless its peppermint creams (sad admission but true and guilty pleasures make us human which reminds me not to mention the fries and mayonnaise evening last week…. Ooops!)
Launching a new menu is not for the faint hearted and comfort has surely been needed so forgive me if this missive focuses on the new menu and fabulous Wine of the Month offer.  There is lots going on at the Atelier too so I’ve updated the calendar and give you a heads up down below (if that’s not a contradiction in terms?)

There is something for everybody on this menu (click here to see it) ….our home made Lincolnshire sausages in the “Full English” (Gluten Free naturally)….big big salads and plenty of good vegetarian  fayre such as the beetroot and goat’s cheese risotto that many of you have come to love…and yes chaps there really is a burger! Its lean beef, caramelized red onions and “cascaval afumat” in one great brioche bun! As we have a pastry chef in house the dessert menu has been elongated  too…well it is getting cold and we need the calories to keep warm ;) and Sticky Toffee Pudding contains dates so yes it is one of your “five a day” and the Lemon & lavender tart contains a bazillion lemons, one portion must be a whole weeks’s worth of vitamin C…and so on with the rationalisations….

There are special deals all through the day  (click here to see them) but I fear most of my loyal clientele might be most interested in the Wine of the Month Offer: Spend 250 Ron on dinner and receive a bottle of Corcova Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2009 on us! And here is what Richard says about this particular drop: “This classic Bordeaux blend crafted by French wine maker Laurent Pfeffer in the vineyards of Corcova, it is drinking beautifully now , soft velvety tannins, this one is ready to go!”  . A big thanks to Richard for creating the new wine list (click here to see it)  and adding his own thoughts on each particular wine.  Don’t forget to book up his wonderful wine course – a true journey through the world of wine…a few places left…plug plug!
Okey dokey people here is October and a heads up and you can see all the details on facebook page ( as we post them up.
  • 13th October - Sunday Asian Brunch with Florin Itu’s Social Kitchen – yummy Asian food and lots of fun. 125 ron pp
  • 15th October – Richard’s fabulous wine course kicks off (click here for all details) Lots of fun and loads of knowledge…yours truly cooking up some grub after each lesson. 1500 Ron for six lessons wine and food incl.
  • 23rd October – GNO – Prosecco & Antipasti – grab a friend and come chat with some lovely proseccos. Nibble on Italian antipasti. 125 ron
  • 24th October – Gastro Splurge – Six course Paired Wine & Food Dinner with the unbelievably brilliant and innovative wines of Tenuta Ulisse ( . I will be cooking up a Modern Italian menu to reflect the wines and Richard and I will pair them  stand by for the full menu! 450 Ron
  • 31st October – Halloween Wine Tasting and our One Year Anniversary! Yes really! Richard will offer some fabulous wines suitable for the season and afterwards we will munch monster bites from the buffet.  175 Ron
  • 1st November – Spanish Fine Wines & Moorish Dinner with Oliver Bauer. From Oliver’s cellar rare fine Spanish wines.  I just love the flavours of Spain and North Africa so we have put together a hearty menu that we hope does the wines justice.  450 Ron

(click the calendar for the print version)
Thanks for all your brilliant support – keep the ideas and suggestions coming and see you soon!
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