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Dear <<First Name>>,
I've been spending a lot of time in the vineyards and re-visiting many old friends. Wines and winemakers, unspoilt landscapes, local markets and a lot of fresh air gave rise to many delicious moments:
  • Apero and crudités of carrots with their tops on, parsley roots and a very mustardy vinaigrette. Three wobbly chairs;
  • Dinner of fresh pork marinated in honey/tarragon/kefir grilled on a BBQ we made with stones and an old oven grill;
  • A plate of romanian tomatoes so sweet they remind us why a tomato is a fruit not a vegetable, hand crafted balsamic vinegar, mountain thyme;
  • A breakfast of made in the vineyard "leftovers frittata" with new potatoes, yellow beans and loboda;
  • Wines were tasted and enjoyed sitting on the grass with the dogs and the tortoises for company: crisp Cramposie, luscious sparkling Rosé, sexy Sauvignon Blanc, bold white Cabernet Sauvignon, massively alcoholic Merlot and more from some of the finest winemakers in Romania. Three wobbly diners;
  • The sound of cuckoos echoing across the vineyard, morning mist and pale sunshine at dawn. Strong coffee.
All of this painstaking effort and sacrifice has resulted in a set of wine tasting, gastronomy and heritage visits that you can enjoy too.  Click here to see more. 
It's that time of year for Romanian tomato gazpacho so please have a go and blitz it up.  I feel like salad and the ginger, miso carrot dressing hits the spot. The multiseed crackers add ker-runch to any repast.

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