...and so it came to pass that this week the lights went off at the Bistro and we were hauling fridges and freezers to save our food through the snow..... ho ho ho and a large sense of humour failure.  Its not much fun being caught in the middle of a
dispute but we've been promised "normal services will be resumed" by Monday.  As soon as we have light for sure we are going to throw a party at the Bistro so stand by! To all of you who have been patient and have not minded being moved to the Atelier for your dinners a great big Thanks!
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...and so in the meantime lets drink tea, eat cake and go shopping indeed at a funky little afternoon Tea Bazar this Saturday at The Atelier 2pm organised by Miky Gherghe of Discoveries Bay blog... where you can have a few cakes, some gorgeous Clipper tea and buy gifts from some great artisans and boutique gift shop "Clou Boutique".

Apart from hauling equipment through the snow like supercharged Santas we've also done some lovely Thanksgiving Dinners for you this week , made the first mincemeat of the season and bottled a load of mango chutney which I reckon is amazing with a roast gammon joint. I've even put some in jars as its a great bright orange colour and looks positively incandescent... not that hasn't been enough incandescence this week...heh ho...time for a glass of wine....
Xmas Food and special things just click here and let us know.
Bestest and thanks for all your support 
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