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We had great fun selecting wines with the Thai lunch menu this Sunday and in doing this many people asked us how we went about it so we decided to write a few words about it.  We hope you find the tips useful and if you would like to come and try for real we have six places left for lunch tomorrow. Please do book to avoid any disappointment.  I have attached the tips here for you too. Spicy Food & Wine Pairing

Pairing wines with spicy foods is notoriously difficult and many people are put off the concept, fearing that the   tongue numbing effect of “Capsaicin” (sounds like novocain?)  the active compound in chili peppers, deadens the palate so as to render pairing wine a waste of time – they would be wrong.  For spicy food is not only about chili “heat” its about a myriad of aromas and flavours  some of them sweetly aromatic and some of them spicily hot, that dance across the palate and tantalise us. To match those with wines that can take on those flavours  and to create an experience whereby the food is enhanced is our wine pairing goal.

So what are we up against when pairing wines with spicy food? Its often best to think about these  elements in our wines:

Alcohol:  Alcohol can heighten the sensation of heat plus you want to drink to quench your thirst. Low alcohol wines work best.

Tannin & Oak:  High tannin wines can accentuate bitterness which can play havoc with a sweet and sour dish say. A heavily oaked wine could be too dominant and drown out other flavours. 

Sweetness & Acidity:  Crisp acidity offers plenty of balance to heat and richness of spicy food so look for this in both a red or white wine.  Sweetness calms the burn of “Capsaicin” and will soothe your tongue.

Fruity, Aromatic:  Fruity, aromatic whites are natural partners of Asian foods and compliment the flavours of the food well. Meanwhile peppery spicy reds also take on the bold flavours of the food too.

The ideal whites are sweet aromatic whites such as German Rieslings served ice cold and in Romania , wines with a “Tamaioasa Romaneasca” component, sweet or demi sec but also having plenty of acidity too.  If a sweet wine is not your thing then crisp whites and rosés wines with plenty of acidity and interesting aromatics perhaps with grapefruit hints will be thoroughly enjoyable.

On the Reds, low tannin and little oak treatment are best so Italy offers some good choices and of course if you can find a Shiraz (Syrah) that is not too jammy but is light and has peppery violet notes that will be splendid..

Enjoy experimenting and finding what you enjoy personally!

Wine pairing by Frederic Vigroux  WSET® Certified Level III  & Rachel Sargent WSET® Certified Level II

Sunday 6th March   12-4pm    Price 125 ron/pp kids 6-14 YO 75 ron

Bookings are required please because this is a special event: 0736 933 531 or email: 

Rachel Sargent BEng  ACA WSET®  II 
Chef Owner
The London Street Atelier
Private Chef    Private Dining     WSET Wine School 


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