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I do believe that everybody can cook and that while i love Slow Food and all things foodcrafty and involved we are all busy and busy people need real food real fast. What better way to start than with a few bags of leaves from the supermarket and some uber delicious dressings and some fast action salads.  For with a top notch dressing...a salad of kings is yours for the creating in a mere five minutes. Grab a glass of something cold... because the sluts have it.....Cheers!


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Slutty Salad #1 Zucchini & Fennel with Walnut Dressing

Slutty Salad #2 Herby Hanoi 

Slutty Salad #3 Smoked Salmon, Spinach & Avocado Dressing

 I thought you might like:

3 German Red Wines to Drink in Summer  by Madaline at Wine Folly.  I made a special effort this week and drank a slightly chilled Pinot Noir on two occasions. However nothing as good as the 1479 Nelles 2009 ( i believe) I brought to Richard's PN night last November which was a revelation and proved what all the fuss about German Pinot Noir is all about.  I urge you to go and find some.   If you are in the UK track down quality German wines at The Winery Maida Vale.   a brilliant boutique wine shop.  We shall try and get some for our Pinot Noir Wine Geek Night Sept 12th. 

Still with Madaline, for those of you concerned about your wine habit..habits..."8 Signs You Might be a Wine Geek".  You know who you are!

If you haven't read Michael Pollan's "In Defense of Food" or "the Omnivores Dilemma" I urge you to. These books are are more than thought provoking and examine the links between our health, the health of society and big food and big agriculture. His approach is summed up in seven very liberating words:"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."  Here he was talking at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Polenzo Italy. 

Heads Up:

A few select late summer evenings to keep you entertained and even informed!

18th August 8pm La Sopron - Wine & Food Match with S.E.R.V.E's new range "Rezerva Contului" presented by Eleonora Rusa WSET III with food bites matched by me. 20 places. 

25th August 8pm La Sopron "Beer n Mici" - Lots and lots of food cooked with beer, in beer or with beer sauces and yes washed down with beer. The BBQ qrill be fired up and so are we! 20 places.

31st August 7pm "Slutty Salads & Sneaky Sorbets" - Cooking Workshop and Dinner.  D Social Kitchen. 15 places. 

and 12th September "Wine Geek Night: Pinot Noir...Where in the World?" a tasting and a debate!  Details soon to be announced!

Would you like me to make it for you?

Please contact me if you would like any of these recipes cooked for you or other  food for home or a party or event organised.  I know you love to cook and eat but I know how busy you are!  I also make cakes, bread and baked goods with no refined "Smart Cookies". Have a look here at the  food for home menus or ask me. 


Rachel Sargent BEng  ACA 

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