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Its been a fresh pasta kind of week culminating in the "Man Pasta" dish thats become a favourite. The way I like to make it, is to take one man, steer him in the direction of the stove, let him loose with the ingredients and let myself loose with a glass of red wine. 15-20 minutes later dinner is served.  Heres how:

the Man Pasta recipe blogged

Aside from being delicious, with robust strong flavours, its also amazingly healthy for blokes.

Its made with a black pepper fresh egg buckwheat pasta which can be a bit finickety but the nutty taste and black pepper kick I think really make it worthwhile. Thanks to Rich and Typhaine for the "farine"!

Black Pepper Buckwheat Pasta Blogged   

Fresh pasta is really quite easy once you get the hang of it - its just a question of messing around and having the courage to believe that the play-doh you are pummeling around with will turn into something utterly delicious!

Chef Owner

Other Goings On
Some details about workshops, cooking classes for kids and brunches...
1. 30th October - 19:00 hours - COOK! EAT! DRINK! Evening with Truffles & Fresh Pasta with Chef Rachel Sargent. A fun evening learning how to cook fresh pasta at home and enjoy delicious wines paired with fresh truffles.
PRICE : 150 RON/pp
Booking in advance is required:
More details and full menu
2. 31st October - 14:00-17:00 hours. Halloween Tricks & Treats : Kids Smart Cookie Cooking Class.
We are brewing a #smartcookie Cooking Class for your little ones on Saturday 31st of October with Chef Rachel Sargent where they will learn how to make & bake some scary cake!
Price: 100 Ron/pp
Booking in advance is required:
* Spider Pumpkin Cupcakes
* Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Carved out
* dismembered ladies fingers and men's toe nails Grissini

More details

3. 1st November - 12:00-16:00 hours - RELAX SUNDAY LUNCH: Spooky Brunch
We are throwing a deliciiiiiious Relax Sunday Lunch with a ghoulish twist. Join us Sunday 1st of November between 12-4 pm: EAT, DRINK & BE SCARY!
Price: 125 Ron/pp , Kids 6-14 years old 75 Ron
Book your place or be haunted forever:

More details and full menu
4. 2nd November - 19:00 Hours - LONDON UNEDITED: Exclusive Photography Exhibition & Wine Tasting with AVINCIS
We will travel to the streets of London through the lens of Teodora Maftei, a young photojournalist who has managed to capture the soul of everyday London in unphotoshopped photos to be exhibited for sale until Christmas at The London Street Atelier. To complete the experience AVINCIS Winery are bringing us some of their best wine selections to taste.



The Atelier

We are a Social Enterprise so by working with us you are giving people a chance.  We are proud to work with our partners:

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