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Lazy gift buying…and lazy POST…the POST weekly specials at the Bistro

I don’t really want to encourage indolent living or idleness but in busy lives why not let the caterer take the strain? Why not create employment for people? Why not keep people busy? Have I rationalized it enough for you? anyhow…lots of lovely “lazy” options for you to enjoy an unfrazzled festive period ahead…
I've been mastering the mysteries of blogging and I hope to share with you many more recipes and food & wine anecdotes in the months to come.  I made some really beautiful rosehip jam on Saturday and I can't wait to use it in the Almond & Sherry tart for this month’s Lazy Lunch.  Have a look here ( and see what you think – perhaps it will encourage all you latent jam makers!

THE BISTRO – Putul Lui Zamfir 15
Been enjoying the sunshine on the terasa and cant count our blessings enough.  Now its “Post” season and we will have a different "Post” menu every week (details here).   This week it’s a lovely sunny Butternut Squash Tikka Masala and a smoked paprika and roast tomato soup and a dessert of Baked Apples with soya milk custard – easy, lazy “Post” !
Its been great sharing a few glasses of the  Wine of the Month (Epicentrum Cab Sav Merlot from those innovative people at Crama Girboiu.)  Its an interesting blend of two years – the oaked Merlot from 2009 and the younger nippier Cab Sav 2012 and I really recommend it..  Spend 250 Ron on dinner and receive a complimentary bottle (RRP 37 Ron).  Feel free to order take out too by calling Gelu or Alina on 0736933531

THE ATELIER – Strada Londra 5
Catering:  I really love Thanksgiving, I love the entire idea that it’s a non denominational festival where people stop to pause and give Thanks - just kind of like that.  Of course I also like the food and I put together a Thanksgiving menu that you can order “To Go” (details) or as a Private Dinner (details).
  • Things to Do: Lazy Lunch Sunday 24th 2pm 125 Ron pp with Crama Atelier (details here). Another favourite thing… porcini and truffles…and a big crate arrived courtesy of Radu the Truffles today so I’ve been prepping them for the Lazy Lunch on Sunday . Crama Atelier have got their new fabulous reds  just launched to wash down the risotto, the porcini sausages and truffled artichoke mash so come and do it!
  • Afternoon Tea Bazar Saturday 30th 2-6pm.  A beautiful afternoon tea with selected artisans and a chance to buy Xmas gifts and get ahead.  Three cakes/savouries  plus tea and coffee 25 Ron. More details coming soon!
  • Christmas Parties:  Already impressed how organised many of you are and that you have already booked.  I will send a separate email around about Xmas Party options for your family & friends or your Company:
          -          The Sit Down Festive Dinner & Paired Wines
          -          The Festive Buffet (To Go or at the Atelier) 
          -          Team Cooking
          -          Team Wine Tasting

Thanks for all your brilliant support – keep the ideas and suggestions coming and see you soon!
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