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Its a rainy night in Bucharest...just doesn't have the same ring as the great song does it? still I'm baking cookies...well actually if we must be pedantic "digestive biscuits" and labelling jams ...made some vegan ("post") ginger fruit cake and the first cranberry sauce of the season. I like mine tart and concentrated so to 1kg of fresh cranberries add only 200g sugar, the juice and zest of two oranges and place on a low heat. They start popping in a really satisfying way. After about ten minutes the skins will have burst and you will have a thick utterly vibrant sauce.  And so now for a bit of an obvious guilty pleasure...the cheese was begging to be eaten so I scoffed some ripe camembert with the cranberry sauce and the digestives.  Some of Laurent's Pinot Noir from Corcova was to hand...and well...its a good job I can still write this... 

This weeks treats we've gone all Levantine..perhaps it was the lack of sunshine...perhaps the Middle East cooking workshop...perhaps just because I have a thing about the food of this complex this weather there is nothing warmer than a beef tagine with quinces and prunes...continuing the quince theme they are poached with star anise and bay leaves...the Italian Chocolate & Nut Christmas cake I am serving with a rosewater cream...something I did many years ago with an aubergine chocolate cake at a dinner party...and one of my Turkish favourites...simple but good...the "fava" bean (Broad bean) hummus... many "post" items to keep the observant happy

jams, cakes and cookies are on sale this weekend... we are literally sticking on labels and tying bits of string on the new look "I think therefore I Jam"  provisions. 

Most recipes I try and share with you here and if I haven't just  prod me! 


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