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Dear <<First Name>>,

You know its hot when its 32C at 10pm. This kind of midsummer heat addles the brain and finds one eating sorbet for breakfast, eating pink biscuits for lunch and munching pickles at midnight all downed with cooling glasses of ros
é   - doesnt it? If that all sounds perfectly reasonable read on...


 I thought you might like:

This is a touching ode to cooking with love as she recounts how they cooked at the family restaurant in Chania Crete as she grew up, by Marianna Leivaditaki,head chef at London mezze/tapas bar Morito.  Two recipes for prawn and mussel saganaki and a sensational stuffed cuttlefish with goats curd that I would love to try. 

You might be amazed to know just how powerful those raspberries are, even adulterated with the rose wine. They are up there in the top 10 of superfood fruits with anti obesity, cancer and detoxifying properties. A tad geeky but all the information you need is here - check it out. 

Would you like me to make it for you?

Please contact me if you would like any of these recipes cooked for you or other  food for home.  I know you love to cook and eat but I know how busy you are!  I also make cakes, bread and baked goods with no refined "Smart Cookies" and I love them very much.  Have a little look here at the  food for home menus or ask me. 


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