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I grew up spending sunny summers in France and I was lucky to have parents who believed that children should eat like adults and develop their palates by drinking wine with water. I can remember my Mum setting up a picnic in a vineyard (which I now know to be in the Côte Rôtie), complaining how hard and nasty were the rocks we had to sit on but being happy about the paté, the baguette that I had bought all by myself and the fascinating cheeses of which the chèvre in ash and the “tomme au raisin” were always my favourites.

Cooking French food is for me feels like going home and so it has been a real pleasure to make quiche, onion soup, terrine, lapin au vin rouge this week as well as welcome in a cheese plate of glorious cheeses of which the Epoisse is so stinky it pours itself on to the plate! Fred has done a great job with the wines and I have to say I’ve been very taken by the white Crozes Hermitages Alain Graillot which is a smart little blend of Marsanne & Rousanne grapes.

Try this at home
Some of my recipes, local food suppliers and musings
Rabbit Terrine to get into the Easter spirit.

I thought you might like
Dental Diamonds. I recommend the wisdom tooth extraction with Dire Straits “Brothers in Arms” soundtrack playing and the dentist humming merrily along (to distract me).  However I’ve also tried the root canal, anti grinding guard and proper cleaning in the past year or so. Seriously…they’ve been great coaxing me along and dealing with a more than recalcitrant and nervous client and have been utterly professional. I have been treated by both Dr Stefan Costache and Dr Andreea Martin. Tel: 0212240942

Number Wine by Frederique Vigroux.  For well thought out wines (not only French) each one individually chosen and a personal touch. More focused on professional supplies but keen collectors and enthusiasts should pop along. Located easily at Pta Amzei but best to give Fred a call/mail before.

Accessible and interesting site about Côtes du Rhône wines:  I found myself clicking through this very happily.

Wine Folly’s clear articulate pieces on Côtes du Rhône (and great maps and graphics too)

A Guide to British Regional Accents in a minute and a half: I keep replaying this! Strangley addictive. Actually this was courtesy of Chocolate & Zucchini blog where I was checking out a clafoutis recipe. 

Week #15 Menu & Week #15 Wine Notes
Here we are with the Côtes du Rhône inspired weekly menu (read week #15 menu here) and Wine Notes (read week #15 wine notes here).

Weekend Brunch Sat & Sun   This week’s special has to be “Pain Perdu” (French toast) with fresh fruit salsa, thick yoghurt and lovely “miere de salcam” (acacia honey).

Events at The London Street Bistro & Atelier
Voyages dans les Côtes du Rhône  -  Wine Paired Dinner Friday 11th April 7pm: Wine & Food paired dinner with Frederic Vigroux presenting some fabulous examples of what the CDR offers.  Six courses and six glorious wines : Ron 300pp. Limited places. Please email me to book or tel on 0722 661 784.

Easter Baking Around the World – Saturday 12th April 2pm – Traditional yeast recipes and an Italian “tarta de pasqualina” too with spinach and eggs. Suitable for parents and older kids say 11 plus ish too.  150 Ron pp

Ladies Night – Thursday 1st May 7.30pm.  Antipasti featuring fresh spring herbs and a dazzling array of whites. The terasa will be warm and sunny we hope. Cheers Ladies! And remember that of the 125 Ron ticket , 25 Ron is donated directly to Casa Ioana.

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