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This week I managed some "marketing" time down at Matache and the no cook raspberry jam was the result. Of course I bought way too many things so ended up making a rainbow of gazpachos as well which I will share next week with you. I also managed to serve the pissaladière not gobble it all up on Thursday - my secret to that is using this fab "beer & onion" confit as the base so actually to make the Gallic galette it is a five minute assembly job.  Thursday wine pairing with Serve was just lovely and I like the new smart logo a lot. It was wonderful to catch up and chat with the age defying Mihaela again who is at the helm of the company (maybe they should rebrand as "Verve"?) Next week its glorious craft beer and food made with ...more beer...I love using beer in loads of recipes...its amazingly useful and actually my secret ingredient in shepherd's pie;) Cheers! 


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Speedy Sun Dried Tomato & Walnut Pesto

No Cook Raspberry Jam

Onion & Beer Confit

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Using Photography to Talk About Food  ...beyond food porn...
SlowFood's #ArkofTaste project aims to catalogue the world's biodiversity of food. An ambitious project, its turned to social media and the power of the photo to build engagement.  A project of huge importance for all of us. Here is a snippet:

“Beauty and esthetics should not limit themselves to supporting the affectations of what we can call a real gastro-mania,” said Petrini. “Rather, they should support a cultural operation aimed not so much at celebrating the product in and of itself, but valuing and protecting the people and the rural communities that lie behind it. Too much marketing nonsense is constantly taking our attention away from the drama of many producers who are struggling to cope with unprecedented climate change and who are oppressed by economies that have stolen value away from food, reducing it to a figure, to its price. The noble art of photography is the tool for communicating reality through images, and it can become an essential element within a holistic vision of food, and the world, that all of us share.”

Heads Up:

A few select late summer evenings to keep you entertained and even informed!

25th August 8pm La Sopron "Beer n Mici" - Lots and lots of food cooked with beer, in beer or with beer sauces and yes washed down with beer and mmmm beer cocktails! The BBQ qrill be fired up and so are we! 20 places.

31st August 7pm "Slutty Salads & Sneaky Sorbets" - Cooking Workshop and Dinner.  D Social Kitchen. 15 places. 

You make Super star salads that are main courses, uber delicious nutritious salad dressings and sublime sorbets.  Sit down to dinner and I have made for you Spanish chilled almond soup "Ajo Bianco", home made bread and my OMG multiseed crackers. Invite a dinner guest too to eat what you have cooked. Location the beautiful restored villa and friendly kitchen Dsocialkitchen 

and 12th September 7pm  "Wine Geek Night: Pinot Noir...Where in the World?" a tasting and a debate! led by Zoltan Kormos Dip WSET®  at the newly opened exciting  a-space  0ffice, meeting & event hub.  Price TBA (we are just finalising the wines) 

Private Dining

Please contact me if you would like a private dinner, social cooking , party or event  organised or to order some "Smart Cookies" know you are ;)


Rachel Sargent BEng  ACA 

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