Well sometimes “no news is good news” and the fact is we have been absolutely rushed off our feet catering a lot of leaving dos, parties and your special corporate events. We took jams and some of our “skinny cakes” that are fat free, low in sugar and gluten free to the BSB fair and they went down a treat so stand by for more similar recipes and products (and they withstood a sweltering 38C as well). Add to all this a particularly crazy idea to open  a new vegetarian restaurant  and perhaps you might forgive the lack of noise!  Stay tuned for “breaking news” on the resto, events on the terasa there and dishes that taste great yet are a little lighter on your system.

Summer is in full swing and it’s a deluge of irresistible produce and a rush to preserve by jamming,  freezing and macerating in alcohol.  I found fabulous “agrise”  (gooseberries) both white and red that I will make into jam, redcurrants bursting with juice for jelly and sorbet,  raspberries for  jam both cooked and uncooked, fresh season thyme and tarragon and more vine leaves for beautiful stuffed vine leaves.   Mihai came bearing gifts – 10kgs of luscious porcini which we cleaned and chopped.  I made a quick porcini and lentil lasagna and we pondered what to do with chanterelles promised next week….. Andrew brought visine which immediately went under sugar for “visinata” and a magical kilo of blackcurrants for crumble. Domnul Marian hunted down rhubarb and this was made into compote with strawberry and ginger as well as jam along a similar theme.
Here is a collage of all the bounty and some of our foraging!


Yoghurt Cheesecake with Rhubarb Compote.   This is a lighter cheesecake recipe that is somewhere between a panna cotta and a traditional cheesecake in texture.  You can skip the base and simply make in glasses and then top with the compote if you are reducing carb.

Thanks folks and see you soon

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