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I promised you a classic gazpacho recipe last week and in fact faced with so much bounty in the market I got a bit over excited and ended up with in fact a rainbow cocktail.  Its that "salad days" time of year for easy food so blend up some gazpacho, have a slice of "pissaladiere" with some salad leaves, peel a ripe pear and sit back with a glass of something nice.  I know we all live busy lives and the convenience of supermarkets is beguiling but markets are support systems and tie people and produce back to the earth.  Products really do taste better plus its much more entertaining.  Go on..make some time! 


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Glorious Gazpachos



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My grandfather came from farming stock and he was fond of looking at soil and saying "thats a good piece of dirt". He knew the value and the power of the land.  Michael Pollan is best known for his books and writing on real food and how we eat.  In this fascinating article co-written with Debbie Barker, Director for Food Safety, US they examine the power of soil to reverse climate change  "We think of climate change as a consequence of burning fossil fuels. But a third of the carbon in the atmosphere today used to be in the soil, and modern farming is largely to blame."

A few select late summer evenings to keep you entertained and even informed!

31st August 7pm "Slutty Salads & Sneaky Sorbets" - Cooking Workshop and Dinner.  D Social Kitchen. 15 places. 

You make Super star salads that are main courses, uber delicious nutritious salad dressings and sublime sorbets.  Sit down to dinner and I have made for you Spanish chilled almond soup "Ajo Bianco", home made bread and my OMG multiseed crackers. Invite a dinner guest too to eat what you have cooked. Location the beautiful restored villa and friendly kitchen Dsocialkitchen   All drinks included too...Sloop smoothies and SERVE wines.  Email to book your place

25th September 12-4pm "Beer n Mici" BRUNCH - Lots and lots of food cooked with beer, in beer or with beer sauces and yes washed down with beer and mmmm beer cocktails! The BBQ qrill be fired up and so are we!  DSocial Kitchen gorgeous courtyard is the lovely location. 

and 12th September 7pm  "Wine Geek Night: Pinot Noir...Where in the World?" a tasting and a debate! led by Zoltan Kormos DipWSET®  at the newly opened exciting  a-space  0ffice, meeting & event hub.  Price TBA (we are still  finalising the wines bear with us :)) 

Private Dining

Please contact me if you would like a private dinner, social cooking , party or event  organised or to order some "Smart Cookies" know you are ;)


Rachel Sargent BEng  ACA 

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