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It passed 40C this week so its time for just throwing things in a blender, not even attempting to go near the oven and creating concoctions that double up as glorious gloopy dips - only waiting for a bag of chips or if you are feeling really energetic and virtuous some carrot sticks or courgette batons - or sensational salad dressings just waiting for a bag of salad leaves. So if you have five minutes and a blender you can make these. Enjoy! 


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Archive Dive: "Ranch Dressing - It takes all herbs" One of my summer time excuse to snip and chop up a mix of fresh herbs that take your fancy. Its delicate and creamy and has nothing to do with that rancid liquid that comes out of bottles sold in the supermarket. 

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My friend Martine, accomplished Interior Designer and a dedicated teacher has a few places left on her magical weekend design workshops in Viscri in September.  Read all about them here on her site Martine Claessens

There is a reason I have a category "leftovers" on my blog. As my grandmother  was fond of saying  "throwing away food is the work of the devil" and I just hate it. More, I get a peculiar pleasure from making a recipe up out of what I find in my fridge and cupboards. Food waste is revolting on every front and over zealous sell by dates and "silly" regulations are often to blame. Read about some common sense entering into Law in France and Italy

More from Slow Food.....This year a highlight was cooking for Carlo Petrini, the President of Slow Food, heritage Romanian food.  Its great to continue our dialogue with him and his team and to have hosted Slow Food groups and to see Balkan Food celebrated at Terra Madre. Read about it here.

Heads Up:  Our next Secret Summer evening in our "La Sopron" garden will be a food and wine pairing on Thursday August 18th 8pm with a launch from SERVE of their brand new "Rezerva Contelui" range!

Would you like me to make it for you?

Please contact me if you would like any of these recipes cooked for you or other  food for home.  I know you love to cook and eat but I know how busy you are!  I also make cakes, bread and baked goods with no refined "Smart Cookies" and I love them very much.  Have a little look here at the  food for home menus or ask me. 


Rachel Sargent BEng  ACA 

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