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A bit of a truncated newsletter (almost twitteresque) this week owing to a dental abcess adventure and associated bloodletting.  My blood definitely needed purifying so I drank gallons of “urzici” (nettle) and spinach soup (through a straw) which is way more pleasant lets face it than a pound of goodly leeches plastered over your veins – sort of. Even my sourdough starter gave up the ghost this week (over acid) but I’ve resuscitated it and it's bubbling away now ready to be made into potato, onion and olive bread. After a full recovery thoughts (and eating) turned to baking  and bagels, a big fat over the top Mississippi mud pie and a full fat cheesecake. Ooooh the joy of crunching again… mastication was never so much fun.

Try this at home
  • The soup (not the leeches).
  • My “New York via Bucharest baked cheesecake” – gluten free too.
       see recipes, info on where to buy stuff and recipes on my food blog 
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I read it on the internet it must be true… here is some data from the University of Maryland about the efficacy of stinging nettles in treating a variety of conditions. Nettles have been used in folk medicine for thousands of years and purify the blood by stimulating the kidneys and helping eliminate toxins

Whats Cooking?
I didn’t have a glass of wine for five whole days. Fortunately that miserable situation has been remedied and I had some Lacerta 2013 and the new release Corcova 2013 rosés to restore the balance of my bodily humours.

This week’s menu – Australian inspired menu has been thoroughly tested.  I took a pavlova and instead of using cream I’ve used a thick Greek yoghurt and drizzled it with some decent Romanian acacia honey. The prawns with the lemongrass aioli are zingy and the beef in ginger & soy sauce with wasabi mash might be a keeper. I like the ginger vinaigrette over the baby spinach salad with the macadamia nuts (more crunch again)

Weekend Brunch Sat & Sun   Been messing around with ‘merican baking this week so its Bagels n Lox plus Samuel Adams Boston Lager on the brunch specials this weekend. Sunshine also reported to be heading for the terasa. This lager is actually somewhere between a lager and an ale and it was a bit of a revelation for me – loved the fruity, sweet but not sweet hoppy taste.

At a Glance
Here is a sneak preview of next week’s menu with a nod towards St Patrick and the Emerald Isle and wines suggested by Corcova.

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