GCE is sending THIS girl to university???
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Saraswati's Unlikely Story

By GCE Founder Don Wilks

It wasn't Saraswati Bhujel that GCE was interested in, it was Raju Kumal. 

When GCE
inaugurated its Scholarship Program in 2014, Nepal Director Tanka Kapri had the idea to award two marginalized caste students with local scholarships to Tripura Sundari Higher Secondary School, an hour-and-a-half's walk away. He had his eye on a promising young man, Raju Kumal.

However, GCE has a policy of equal education for girls, so Tanka approached the faculty for the next best female student. Quite a ways down the class rank - in the middle of the pack - was Saraswati Bhujel.

Saraswati eagerly accepted the scholarship that included the requirement to rise early and start her walk up the hill by 4:30 a.m. for her 6:00 a.m. first class - six days a week.

Maybe she is a morning person, because at Tripura Sundari, Saraswati crushed it. She finished Grades 11 and 12 as the school's #1 student. Or more likely, she matured a bit and realized the value of education and the opportunity that was being offered. A star was being born.

When we inaugurated the
University Scholarship Program in 2016, Saraswati was an easy choice to receive one of the two university scholarships.
I met Saraswati during my recent field visit, and I was quite impressed. She is majoring in Humanities and English and wants a career in Social Work, Education, or both (a girl after my own heart!). On her own initiative, she took advantage of a free government program and is studying Chinese at night class. Impressive. Saraswati tells us about herself in this short video.

Saraswati's story shows what can happen when you invest in a young person's education. Many thanks to Saraswati's sponsor, GCE Donor Matt Martin. I sense following Saraswait's path over the next four years of university study will be very rewarding, and even more so after she graduates. Stay tuned  . . .

Let's Move the Mountain to the Students

Expanding Baladevi Secondary School to a College

For three years, GCE has been providing scholarships to Baladeivi Secondary School's top students to attend college or "+2" - Grades 11 and 12 in the Nepali system. Most of these scholarship recipients attend colleges in Kathmandu; some we sponsor locally at Tripura Sundari up the hill in Maidon.

Instead of sending the students off to college, what if we brought the college to them?  

Plans are now being finalized to expand Baladevi to include college level courses. GCE is working with the School Management Committee and faculty on a budget for the teachers, materials, and equipment necessary for these courses. With two other "nearby" schools feeding Grade 10 graduates, we expect 2017 enrollment to be over 50 students. FIFTY! Instead of six or eight Baladevi scholarship recipients continuing on to higher education, we can have FIFTY!

Maybe we've missed a Saraswati Bhujel in the past. But if every Grade 10 graduate continues their education, we won't miss the next one. This expansion will make a huge impact on these children and communities. However, we will need our donors' support to fund these additional costs and educate these young men and women. Please consider a tax-deuctible investment in education today.

THANK YOU GCE Supporters for the great strides we've made.

Two Easy Ways to Make an Impact

Monthly Giving:

In Nepal, you can get quite a lot for a little money, and a little money every month goes a long, long way.

Please consider a monthly contribution to GCE for as little as $15 per month. Imagine the impact you can make.
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Direct your United Way Contribution to GCE
Does your employer annually "request" a donation to United Way? Did you know you can direct your United Way contribution to GCE? Simply write in GCE and our contact info when they ask for your beneficiary preference. Numerous GCE Supporters do this, and United Way and GCE have established a bank link so that donations directed to GCE are deposited into our account.

GCE's Success is Due to our Donors' Support

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