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Move well.    Breathe well.    Be well.

True compassion does not come from wanting to help out those less fortunate than ourselves but from realizing our kinship with all beings. 
― Pema Chödrön

So nice to hear from you!

I was overwhelmed by the warm replies I received from so many of you in response to my wedding news. Thank you so much! The wedding day felt perfect to both me and my husband, Chris. If you're curious, here is a link to a few shots our photographer posted, and here is a link to our fun first dance.  

With the demands of wedding planning behind me, I am excited to move on to new adventures this fall. I have lots of teaching adventures planned (more details below), and I'm also excited to begin a new experience as a yoga student. I have signed up for a 12-week course in Iyengar Yoga, and it will be my first time exploring this style. Join me if you would like to!

As the summer season comes to an end, I hope you start to feel the peaceful, settled quality of fall in your day-to-day life. 


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Yoga for Pain Relief
Next 7-week Yoga for Pain Relief course starts Thursday, September 11

Thursday mornings, 10:00-11:30am
September 11th – October 23rd
$150 for 7 sessions
Ocean and Crow Yoga*, 1707 Grant Street, Vancouver, BC
*Eastside Yoga has changed its name. Classes are in the same location. 

Learn more on my website and please email me if you have questions.

Click here to register online or contact the studio director Julie Peters by email to arrange registration in person or by phone.


An Evening Session?

A number of people have expressed interest in taking this course on a weekday evening. Because most yoga studios have classes in the evenings, I haven't been able to find a location to run this class. And because we use a lot of yoga props in the course, we need to find a space specifically designed for yoga. If you have any ideas or suggestions for locations, I would love your input. Thanks! 
Pain BC's 2014 Interdisciplinary Conference
Confronting the Challenges of Chronic Pain

I am very excited to be leading a session at Pain BC's conference on Saturday, October 25th. The conference will be a day of interactive, practical, and evidence-based pain management education. With my friend, co-worker, and fellow yoga teacher Krista Friesen, I will be leading an hour-long experimental chair yoga and mindfulness practice session for all 300 conference participants. 

The conference is being marketed to health-care providers, but if you are living with persisent pain, it may be of interest to you to. Pain education is empowering and healing. Click here to find out more information

Writing from My Blog
Inspired by this month's feature on Brené Brown (see below), I am sharing an older post on the very human tendency to struggle with uncertainty. 

Lean Into Change
Taking Care

Consider becoming more curious about the things you consume by regularly asking the question, "What else is in it?"

The theme for this month's taking care was inspired by this article discussing the dangers of BPA-free plastic. It was further fueled by a recent experience I had at Costco: I came across 3 Seed Sweet Potato gluten-free crackers – with flaxseed, chia and sesame. Sounds yummy and relatively healthy. But by asking "what else is in it?" and reading the ingredients, I discovered the main ingredient was corn. 

Marketers are really good at branding products to look like they are good for us. Whether it is an ingredient that is a current superfood or the current health villain, you will see it prominently on the packaging. Read the fine print. Avoid packaging and plastics. And remember these food rules from Michael Pollan: 
  • Avoid food products that make health claims
  • Avoid foods you see advertised on television
Recommended Read
I love this book. It's beautiful and deeply insightful, but at the same time, simple and accessible. How to Meditate: A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Mind by Pema Chödrön has shifted the way that I am approaching my meditation practice, and expanded my understanding of the tool. I highly recommend this one. 
Password Therapy?
This article titled How a password changed one man's life for the better tells the interesting story of a man who decided to use his password to change his life. It's a short fun tale that might inspire you to do something similar! 
"You can’t raise children who have more shame resilience than you do. Because even if you don’t shame them, and even if you are actively trying to raise them feeling good about who they are, they’re never going to treat themselves better than you treat yourself. So that’s the bad news and the good news, but mostly the sucky news. If you want to raise a daughter with a really healthy body image, you better love your body as a mother, because that counts way more than looking at your daughter and saying “You’re beautiful and your body is beautiful.” All that matters to her is how she sees you acting with your own body. Which sucks. We can’t give children what we don’t have. We just have to be the adults we hope they grow up to be."
~ Brené 
"Mindless Life-Negating Nonsense"

Those are the words Evan DeFilippis used to describe things like TV, Facebook, Reddit and Netflix in this short article titled What Small Lifestyle Changes Have the Biggest Impact?

The focus of the article is the very human tendency to spend our time doing things that we don't really want to be spending our time doing. Evan shares his "twenty minute rule" which has helped him use his after work time in more fulfilling ways. 
Brené Brown
" the end of every day, and at the end of every week, and at the end of my life, I want to be able to say I contributed more than I criticized." ~ Brené Brown

As many of you already know, I am deeply inspired by the work of Brené Brown. I recently read this interview (from 2012) with Brené, and it inspired me to share (and in many cases re-share) her work. 

Her TED Talks
(worth watching annually):

Two of her best books:
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