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"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade
they know they shall never sit in." - Greek Proverb

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Last month's YOGA: The Missing Pieces session was transformational for me. My understanding of the practice of truthfulness expanded and my appreciation of its power deepened. I see now why Mahatama Gandhi described his whole life as an "experiment with truth."

There are 3 sessions remaining in the series. The next session - on Wednesday, April 17 - focuses on asteya (non-stealing). We live in a time when we often feel like we don't have enough; this practice may be more important than ever.

I hope you will join me.

YOGA: The Missing Pieces
Wednesday evenings - 7:30-9pm

“Everyone thinks of changing
the world, but no one thinks
of changing himself.” 
― Leo Tolstoy
Wednesday, Apr. 17
Focus on Asteya (Non-stealing)
Wednesday, May 22
Focus on Brahmacharya
(Wise use of energy)

Wednesday, June 19
Focus on Aparigraha (Non-grasping)

 Cost: $20 per session

Location: Sacred Space Studio
3574 West 4th Avenue
(just east of Banyen Books)

Register by email or phone 778-549-8374

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Yoga Sessions at Rain City Massage Therapy

I am available for private sessions at Rain City Massage Therapy. Benefits of working one-on-one with a yoga teacher include the opportunity to:
  • Adapt yoga for any injuries, health concerns and/or physical limitations
  • Learn the basics in a beginner-friendly environment
  • Refine your alignment
  • Deepen and personalize your practice
  • Work with a wide range of yogic tools (including postures, breath work, relaxation practices, meditation, and body awareness)
  • Ask an endless number of questions

Location: RainCity Massage Therapy
211-3195 Granville St. Vancouver BC, Canada 
(in the Hycroft Medical Building)

Cost: $80 per 60-minute session

To make an appointment email or phone 778-549-8374
Recommended Read

One of my primary motivations for the YOGA: The Missing Pieces series is encouraging the practical application of yoga's ethical practices. In this book, Judith and Ike Lasater do just that.  What We Say Matters looks at satya in human relationship through nonviolent communication. I recommend it for developing your ability to more clearly and considerately communicate.
Flash Back! 

This year, a group of my private students set a goal to stand on their heads. We explored partner-and-wall-assisted headstands for the first time, and the experience reminded me of this post.
Yoga for
Chronic Pain
I frequently recommend this article to people experiencing pain. Great strides are being made in our scientific understanding of pain, and this understanding can support healing.

Clear Away Your Harming Habits
One of my latest blog posts.

"Whether it is in the way you speak to yourself or your partner, or in the way you care for your health, your home or your planet, begin to notice moments where you feel inclined to act, speak, or think in a way that may cause harm."
ouroboros: a circular symbol of a snake or dragon devouring its tail
Your Phone vs.
Your Heart
Our time spent with electronic devices may be decreasing our biological capacity to connect with other people

Read more:
Interested in the Loving Kindess practice mentioned in the article above?

Here is a link to a guided practice (also available on the resources page of my website):

Loving Kindness Meditation
Quote Note

"I’m an anxious ouroboros."
- J.C. Peters

A humourous reflection on how we are often the ones creating the anxiety we feel. And, to counter:

"Maybe our anxiety is less personal and more a reflection of our time."
- Michael Stone


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Thank you for reading. If there are things you would love to see more of or changes to content or format that you think would improve this newsletter, I'd love to hear from you.  

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I hope you will join me on April 17th at Sacred Space Studio for an exploration of the practice of asteya.


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