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As recognised by the Illuminating Engineering Society, better known as the IES, Gamma Illumination's 1065 Recessed LED Downlight developed in house by our research, design and development team maintains optical control and low glare through its purpose designed reflector

profile. The IES commended the 1065 for its engineering and design. Its heatsink uses an engineered aluminum alloy, allowing for effective heat dissipation at 60W, and of course uses
Gamma Illumination's efficient and innovative LED technology

Feature Project.

Veronika Maine

1091 60W LED Downlight onsite at Veronika Maine
Westfield Liverpool, NSW AUSTRALIA.


Coming Soon. . .

2013 Architect Series

The soon to be released LED Architect Series, designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia by Gamma Illumination, for Gamma Illumination boasts

subtle aesthetics as characterised by the process of CNC machining, enabling crisp, controlled lines like an Architect creating a plan.


A preview of GM's following issue.

“Our mission is to create tomorrow’s lighting solutions from today’s resources, we have a long-standing reputation for delivering on that mission all over the world.”  See why as Michael Calabro, Managing Director, speaks to Business World Australia [BWA]. This interview available in next months issue of 'Gamma Monthly'

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