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22 March 2016

i-go leisure card
Have you got your free i-go leisure card? i-go is for under 25s with special needs or disabilities. With the card you get special offers and the information to plan a hassle-free visit. Use the i-go card with 85 leisure partners across East Sussex including leisure centres, attractions, activities and clubs. For more information or to apply Information for Families or phone on 0345 60 80 192
Appreciation Awards
Congratulations to the latest round of professionals who have received appreciation for the hard work they provide for children in their care. To find out more about how you can show your appreciation to a professional, visit our website.
Download this useful factsheet about the Care Act 2014 from Contact a family which gives an overview of the rights of families with a child who may need support to prepare for the transition to adult services, young carers who are approaching 18 and disabled adults aged 18 and above. 
Call for evidence 
NICE are developing a guideline on people’s experience in adult social care services: Improving the experience of care for people using adult social care services and are looking for evidence to help them including:

  • Evidence about people’s experience of adult social care services, and the aspects of services that they value
  • Evidence about the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of tools and interventions designed to support people’s engagement in improving their adult social care services.

If you think you are able to help provide evidence, visit the Consultation page which can be found on the website.

Together for short lives 
Together for short lives has developed a series of factsheets to support families and provide information on a range of issues. Download the entire pack or order a free hard copy from the website.
FAST and FACT, Families and Schools Together, and Families and Colleges Together
ESPaCC started looking at how we could better engage with schools, colleges, and families, young people, particularly those who were less likely to have an EHCP or Statement, as we recognised a real danger in these families slipping through the information net.

FAST/FACT is not a support group – it is about information and best practise sharing, and about learning from each other… not just for families, but for schools and colleges as well.

The plan is, that we will invite a number of schools/colleges in a geographical area to come together to discuss a topic of their choice, and whatever school/college it is actually held in on that particular day, the SENCO at that school/college will be responsible for coordinating, alongside ESPaCC. So if, for example, there were five schools in Hastings that were interested, one school would be asked to “host”, but families from all five schools would be invited to attend. This would then rotate, meaning that no one school/SENCO would take responsibility for hosting more than once every couple of years.

We currently have 13 schools signed up and ready to go, and the first meeting will be held on 17 May 2016 at Marshlands in Hailsham. Nathan Caine, Head of ISEND Provider Services will be attending. Further details to follow, but keep the date free!

We hope that FAST and FACT will be a useful way of both families and schools/SENCOs learning and sharing information and best practice, together, which can only be a good thing for our children and young people. Ask your school/college if they have signed up yet, and if not why not, then direct them to our website page 

Other information

  • Membership - Don't forget to submit your membership forms via the website or directly to
  • CAF newsletter - Read the latest enewsletter from CAF
  • ISEND Strategy - East Sussex County Council have recently published a new ISEND Strategy 2016-2018. Download the Strategy at the website
  • Online Survey - Department of Health have published an online survey 'how can we support carers'.  Share your views.
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