Weekly Update for Bison Producers October 21, 2016
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Liliane Kot Memorial Scholarship

Two $500 Scholarships To Be
Awarded in 2016
Liliane Kot devoted her life to her family, her faith and her great passion for the bison industry. She was a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother. In memory of her wonderful life, husband Bernie Kot and her children and grandchildren have developed the Liliane Kot Memorial Scholarship in remembrance of their beloved Liliane.
Each year a scholarship of $500 will be awarded to a selected individual. In addition, each year a perpetual award is presented to the recipient who is able to keep the award for a year. An engraved gift is also given to the recipient.
Note: For 2016 only there will be two scholarships awarded as a result of an anonymous donation in honour of Liliane Kot and in recognition of the significance of the scholarship provided by the Kot family.
Scholarship Criteria:
  • Applicants or their families must be active members of the Canadian Bison Association and their respective Regional Association
  • Applicants must be actively involved in some sector of the bison industry
  • Applicants must be attending or be accepted into post-secondary education or training. This may include but is not limited to college, university, or a trades program. Applicants must provide supporting documentation. 
Once an applicant has determined that they meet the scholarship criteria they should download the application or contact the CBA office and they can email the application to you.  Forward completed applications to the Canadian Bison Association office by October 28, 2016.  The recipient of the scholarship will be chosen by a selection committee.
Areas Given The Highest Priority in The Selection Process:
  • Involvement in the Canadian Bison Association/Bison Industry
  • Attendance and/or involvement in a church or church ministry
  • Involvement and commitment to community & volunteering
  • Involvement and dedication to school
  • Involvement in sports
  • Employment experience
  • Career goals 
The 2015 recipient of the Liliane Kot Memorial Scholarship was Jessica Boos.
2016 Scholarship Application HERE
2016 Canadian
Bison Junior Judging Program

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2016 CBJJP Registration Form HERE

Entry Deadline is November 4, 2016!
2016 CBA Photo Contest
Once again, we’re looking for photos featuring your animals throughout the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter).

The Deadline to Submit Pictures is Friday, January 16, 2017.

Peace Country Regional Meeting

Will be held at the Pomeroy Hotel (formerly the Grande Prairie Inn) 11633-100th Street, Grande Prairie AB.

The meeting will include an update from the BPA and the CBA, a wonderful buffet lunch, and informative speakers including presentations on the Benchmarking Project, Bison Code of Practice, Bill 6, Growing Forward 2 - and more.
There  are  still  a  few  spaces available for the Meeting. You can register at the door. Cost of the day’s event is only $40/person.


Canada Walks Out Of Trade Talks With ‘Incapable’ EU
Brussels | Reuters — Canada’s trade minister walked out of talks in Belgium on Friday, declaring that the European Union was incapable of sealing a planned transatlantic free trade deal designed to boost growth in both economies.

All 28 EU governments support the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), but Belgium cannot give assent without backing from its five sub-federal administrations, and French-speaking Wallonia has steadfastly opposed it.

The agreement, the EU’s first with a G7 country, would according to supporters increase trade between the partners by 20 percent, boosting the EU economy by 12 billion euros (C$17.35 billion) per year and Canada’s by $12 billion. Read More HERE

Mysterious Bison Hybrid Revealed from Ancient DNA and Cave Paintings
Clever detective work involving research on both ancient DNA and cave paintings from the last ice age has revealed a previously unknown species of hybrid bison, according to a new study.

Researchers initially nicknamed the newfound bison the "Higgs Bison," because, just like the once-elusive subatomic particle known as the Higgs Boson, the bison's very existence had never been confirmed, and it took about 15 years to piece together data that proved its existence.

But now, thanks to ancient DNA from the creatures' bones, researchers know that the mysterious bison was a hybrid animal that originated more than 120,000 years ago, when the extinct aurochs (the ancestor of modern cattle) and the ice-age steppe bison got together, the researchers said. Read More HERE

Maymont Now Home To Two New Bison
Visitors to Maymont can now see two new young female bison.

The 16-month-old and 17-month-old heifers arrived on Wednesday from SB Farms, Inc., a bison ranch on Maryland's Easter Shore, and are now in the estate’s bison habitat.

“We are excited to welcome two new bison at Maymont,” said Henry “Buz” Bireline, Maymont Director of Habitats and the Nature Center. “Observing and learning about these animals helps guests connect with both native wildlife and Virginia history. Many people don’t realize that small groups of bison were formerly native to the Commonwealth. Now extinct in the wild in Virginia, these ambassadors remind us how important it is to protect and care for wildlife and wild places.” Read More HERE
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge Held Their 46th Annual Public Bison Auction Today
INDIAHOMA, OK (KSWO) - The 46th Annual Public Auction of bison took place today and people came from near and far to join in.

The auction was conducted by Dub Venable of Anadarko. They offered 66 animals this year, and the refuge also donated 22
bison to the Inter-Tribal Bison Cooperative. Health certificates will be provided by a vet following the sale.

Marie Lee Hewitt from Northstar Bison in Ricelake, Wisconsin says she enjoyed the auction. The prices were fair and the bison were in good shape. Read More and Watch Video HERE

Culture through Cuisine: Bison 
People are eating healthier these days, and with the variety of options in grocery stores, it's not hard to make good selections. If you're looking for an alternative to beef, you might want to try bison. Millions of bison roamed North America for hundreds of years, but they almost became extinct.

Willliam Woys Weaver has a PhD in food ethnography and said European colonists nearly wiped them out in the 1800s. "Once the railroad went through, people could shoot them very easy from the trains, but there was also a government policy in place to get rid of the bison, because if they got rid of the bison, they undercut the culture of the plains Indians, and this would break them financially and culturally, which is what the government wanted to do in those days," Weaver said. Now, the creatures are flourishing and have become the first national mammal of the United States. Read and Watch More HERE

100 Bison Relocated From Theodore Roosevelt National Park
THEODORE ROOSEVELT NATIONAL PARK NORTH UNIT— Hushed words were said systematically between the 20-or-so people during the bison roundup in the North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park on Tuesday morning.

Eileen Andes, TRNP's chief of interpretation, said people speak quietly to keep the bison as calm and relaxed as possible to minimize injuries or stress to the animals.

Everyone on scene knows their responsibility and they work to accomplish the goal of getting information on each animal, getting them tagged and sorted.

Not only are there people working to navigate the bison through the chutes, but biologist Bill Whitworth, veterinarian Seth Nienhueser and representatives from the Inter Tribal Buffalo Council are also on scene. Read More HERE

Bison Arrive At Kankakee Sands
After 186 years since the last known native bison was killed in Indiana, 23 new hoofed settlers from the Great Plains arrived Saturday, at The Nature Conservancy's Kankakee Sands restoration area between Lake Village and Morocco in neighboring Newton County, Ind.

The new herd — seven bulls and 16 impregnated cows — was trucked about 1,000 miles from TNC's Whitney Preserve in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

After they settled in from their long ride, the bison 
were let into their new pasture home. "On Sunday night, we let them loose so people could see them," Ted Anchor, Kankakee Sands site manager, said Tuesday.

Now, "the bison's job will be to help us manage 1,100 acres of our restoration by eating grasses, thinning out trees and churning up the soil," Alyssa Nybert, Kankakee Sands plant nursery manager, wrote in her "Nature Notes" column last week. "Luckily, this is what bison do. Their natural behaviors will result in a greater number of wildflower species and bird species, too." Read More HERE

Hugheses’ Bison Continue Through Conservation Groups
Ted “T.R.” and Kay Hughes of Seward sold 41 bison and donated one more to the Crane Trust in 2014 to increase conservation efforts for genetically-pure bison. Now, the herd from the Hugheses has increased to 63 animals.

In addition to their work with the Northern Cheyenne Breakout Monument, Ted “T.R.” and Kay Hughes of Seward have also worked with native tribes to preserve bison populations.

According to T.R.’s bio, in 1974, he and Kay had excess buffalo from their own herd. He began working with the Northern Cheyenne and the Winnebago tribe, among others, to help the tribes establish their own herds.

Kay said the bison are great grazers and their presence helps re-establish the native plains and grasslands.

“They’re really intriguing animals,” Kay said. Read More HERE

Did You Know
  • Ted Turner's Vermejo Park Ranch in New Mexico. More HERE
  • TB found in Alberta cow. More HERE
  • Ep. 23: Four Elements of a Well-Crafted Farm Business Plan. More HERE

CBA News and Events...

The Winners Have Been Announced…

The winners of the 2015 CBA Annual Photo Contest have been chosen. Thank you to all the producers who submitted photos. You make our job hard each year trying to pick just 3 winners in each category. To see the winning photos go HERE

Travelling? Looking for a Place to Stay?
The CBA has teamed with Choice Hotels to provide members with another benefit -- save up to 10%.  Please go HERE for all the details. As well, there is a bonus offer until December 31, 2016.

1st International Symposium on Bison Health Presentations
Dr. Woodbury, one of the organizers has made it possible for us to post most of the conference presentations on the CBA Website. Go HERE

Branding No Longer Required for Shipping Bison Between Canada And The US

Effective April 8, 2015, Canadian bison exported to the USA for breeding or feeding do not have to be permanently identified with a permanent "CAN" mark as long as they are identified with a secondary dangle tag.

The dangle tag must bear the same official ID number as on the approved RFID tag. Like the RFID tags, the dangle tags can only be purchased from the Canadian Bison Association. A transitional period will take place until May 8, 2015 to accommodate health certificates that were issued prior to the effective date of this requirement.

During the transitional period, only the approved RFID tag is required for bison. Read More 

Read Press Release sent out by CBA and NBA HERE

Advance Payments Program improved under the Agricultural Growth Act

Effective April 1, 2016 the Manitoba Livestock Cash Advance Program has been expanded to offer advances on a select number of crops in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, which allows producers to obtain cash advances for more than one commodity. This improves service to producers.
More details can be obtained on the following links including other including other organizations that may have expanded the commodities for which they offer Cash Advances. 

Advance Payment Program Now Available To Producers Who Market Their Products To The Retail Market
The Advance Payments Program (APP) is a federal loan guarantee program that helps livestock producers meet their financial obligations and benefit from the best market conditions by improving their cash flow throughout the production period. The Manitoba Livestock Cash Advance issues producers a cash advance on the anticipated value of their livestock that is being produced. Producers can receive a cash advance on up to 50% of the expected average market price of the livestock.
The Canadian Bison Association worked with producers and the Manitoba Livestock Cash Advance managers to make the Cash Advance Program available to producers who market their bison to the retail market from their farm. Producers who have their animals slaughtered will have 30 calendar days from the date on the slaughterhouse receipt to repay their advance. The number of bison slaughtered must be included on the slaughterhouse receipt.  For additional information and application forms go to or call 1-866-869-4008 
Le Programme de paiement anticipé est maintenant offert aux producteurs qui commercialisent leurs produits sur le marché de détail 
Le Programme de paiement anticipé (PPA) est un programme fédéral de garantie d’emprunt qui aide les producteurs de bétail à respecter leurs obligations financières et à bénéficier des meilleures conditions du marché en améliorant leurs liquidités tout au long de la période de production. Le programme Manitoba Livestock Cash Advance fournit une avance en espèces sur la valeur prévue du bétail qu’ils produisent. Les producteurs peuvent recevoir une avance en espèces pouvant atteindre 50 % du prix moyen prévu du marché du bétail.
L’Association canadienne du bison collabore avec les producteurs et les gestionnaires du Manitoba Livestock Cash Advance afin de mettre le PPA à la disposition des producteurs qui commercialisent leur bison sur le marché de détail à partir de leur ferme. Les producteurs dont les animaux sont abattus disposent d’un délai de 30 jours civils pour rembourser leur avance, et ce, à compter de la date indiquée sur le récépissé délivré par l’abattoir. Le nombre de bisons abattus doit figurer sur le récépissé remis par l’abattoir. Pour de plus amples renseignements et pour obtenir les formulaires de demande, visitez ou téléphonez au 1-866-869-4008.

Through the Lens of the Producer
Over the past years the CBA has asked its members to send in pictures of their bison in the four seasons. HERE then are the Seasons of the Bison-through the lens of the Producer.

Malignant Catarrhal Fever
The SBA along with the sheep industry have created a video that will support education and awareness of Malignant Catarrhal Fever (MCF). To View the Video Go HERE

Do You Want Big Travel Insurance Savings
The CBA has partnered with ATI Insurance Inc. to provide members with another benefit -- Comprehensive Travel Insurance at a discounted price.  Please go HERE and make this insurance program part of your annual travel plans. Service is offered in English and French.
Mycoplasma in Farmed Bison Survey 2014 - 2015
The Mycoplasma in Farmed Bison Survey intends to supply the bison industry with much needed knowledge, so that evidence-based decisions can be made to protect herds and control the spread of this emerging disease.

The Survey is a collaborative effort of the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Alberta Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Canadian Bison Association, veterinarians, and bison producers. It will be launched in May 2014 and is designed to provide valuable information.

For more information go HERE (scroll down to News & Events)

Weekly Price Summary
October 21, 2016

Finished Bison Prices Continue To Be Firm

 With the Canadian dollar fluctuations, please confirm prices offered by buyers as they may change daily.
Canadian buyers continue to offer $6.00/lb. - $6.25/lb. HHW for Grade “A” bison bulls with reports of higher prices for finished bulls meeting specific parameters. Prices are being driven by strong U.S. demand and exchange rates favouring the U.S. Carcasses that do not fall within buyers’ specifications are discounted. U.S. buyers are offering up to $4.60/lb. US for Grade “A” bison bulls with some prices higher. Returns to the producers are dependent on exchange rates, quality, export costs, and freight adjustments.

Grade “A” bison heifers in the desirable weight range are selling for up to $5.75 - $6.00/lb. HHW to Canadian buyers. U.S. buyers are offering $4.40/lb. HHW in U.S. dollars.


**Producers should research what parameters the prices are based on. Parameters such as Canadian or US delivery, weight ranges, age etc. This will assist them in comparing prices on an even basis.**

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Bev Taylor
Taylor Bison

2015 Photo Contest

Upcoming Events

BPA Peace County Regional Meeting
When: October 22
Where: Grande Prairie AB
Info: HERE

Deadline for Liliane Kot Memorial Scholarship
October 28, 2016
Application Form HERE
2016 CCIA Traceability Symposium
When: November 2-3
Where: Calgary AB
Info: HERE

Vold Jones & Vold Bison Auction
When: November 19, 2016
Where: Ponoka AB
Info: Contact Office or Mike Dejonge for more info/CL: 403-783-0758

2016 CBA 33rd Annual Convention
When: November 20-22
Where: Regina SK
Info: HERE

2016 24th Annual Canadian National Show & Sale
When: November 20-22
Where: Regina SK
Info: HERE

Season Opener Bison Auction
When: December 7, 2016
Where: Kramer's Big Bid Barn - North Battleford, SK
Info: HERE

New Year's Bison Auction
When: January 18, 2017
Where: Kramer's Big Bid Barn - North Battleford, SK
Info: HERE

2017 NBA Winter Convention and Gold Trophy Show & Sale
When: January 18-21, 2017
Where: Denver CO
Info: HERE
Vold Jones & Vold Bison Auction
When: January 21, 2017
Where: Ponoka AB
Info: Contact Office or Mike Dejonge for more info/CL: 403-783-0758

MGM Grand Genetics Bison Auction & Regular Production Auction
When: February 1, 2017
Where: Kramer's Big Bid Barn - North Battleford, SK
Info: HERE
Sweetheart Bison Auction
When: February 15, 2017
Where: Kramer's Big Bid Barn - North Battleford, SK
Info: HERE
SBA Canadian Bison Bull Draft Auction 
When: March 3, 2017
Where: Kramer's Big Bid Barn - North Battleford, SK
Info: HERE
Cloverleaf Bison Auction
When: March 8, 2017
Where: Kramer's Big Bid Barn - North Battleford, SK
Info: HERE
Vold Jones & Vold Bison Auction
When: March 18, 2017
Where: Ponoka AB
Info: Contact Office or Mike Dejonge for more info/CL: 403-783-0758
Back to the Grass Bison Auction
When: May 10, 2017
Where: Kramer's Big Bid Barn - North Battleford, SK
Info: HERE

2017 International Bison Conference (IBC)
When: July 4 -7, 2017
Where: Big Sky, MT
Details: HERE

2016 CBA Memberships 

You can access the CBA membership form HERE
The CBA has partnered with ATI Insurance Inc. to provide members with another benefit -- Comprehensive Travel Insurance at a discounted price.

Please go HERE and make this insurance program part of your annual travel plans.

Service is offered in English and French.
Need a Place to Stay?
The CBA has teamed with Choice Hotels to provide members with another benefit --
save up to 10%.

Please go HERE for all the details.
Buffalo Girl Cooks Bison
More than 100 delicious recipes that use North America''s original red meat, from bison rancher and award-winning food writer Jennifer Bain.
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Past Auctions/Sales

May 11, 2016
Back to the Grass Kramer Bison Auction Results HERE

April 16, 2016
Bison Auction by Vold, Jones and Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Market Summary Report HERE

April 2, 2016
MBA Great Spirit Show & Sale Results HERE

March 19, 2016
BPA Wildrose Show & Sale Results HERE

March 9, 2016
Cloverleaf Kramer Bison Auction Results HERE

March 4, 2016
2nd Annual SBA Canadian Bison Bull Draft Sale Results HERE

February 9, 2016
Sweetheart Kramer Bison Auction Results HERE

January 27, 2016  New Year's Kramer Bison Auction Results HERE

January 23, 2016, 2016 Gold Trophy Show & Sale Results HERE

January 16, 2016 Bison Auction by  Vold, Jones and Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Market Summary Report HERE

December 11, 2015 GMG Grand Genetics Sale Results HERE

December 2, 2015 Season Opener Kramer Bison Auction Results  HERE

November 24, 2015 23rd Annual Canadian National Show & Sale Market Summary Report HERE

November 21, 2015 Bison Auction by  Vold, Jones and Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Market Summary Report HERE

For Previous Auction Results/Summaries please go HERE
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