Debbie Davies will continue shooting The I Love You Project in Berlin June 2013. Here's what's happened so far.


Thanks to The Dream Factory in Frankfurt we had a space to begin recording participants for the Germany version of The I Love You Project! We descended on the diverse, pretty neighborhood of Bockenheim in August, 2012.  A team of motivated interns helped explain the project to local residents, and bring in participants from the street to be videotaped. We were all amazed at how many languages we recorded ... including Swahili, Kurdish, Croatian...all saying "I Love You" into Debbie's microscope camera.


The first version of The I Love You Project was shot in Raval, Barcelona in March 2011. We've all heard about the hard economic times in Spain. Through the experience of participating in our project, residents of Raval were able to create a dialog among their diverse population, and connect about community issues involving economics and crime. A social-art project can be a catalyst to unite people. This video was selected for screening at the Verge Art Fair in Miami last December 2012.


We spent one evening recording participants in the university town of Giessen, Germany in August 2012. Thanks to Cafe Amelie we had a place to shoot in a casual hub which attracts members of this ethnically diverse city. We videotaped people from Turkey,  Afghanistan, Albania, and Pakistan. We also received the exciting news that we would be allowed to bring our project to a refugee camp the next time we shoot, hopefully in June 2013.
We need your help! We applied for grants for our project, but so far we have not been awarded any funds. We need money now to pay for a video editor and musical artist to begin working on the video footage we've shot so far in Germany, and to cover the cost of additional shooting we hope to complete in Berlin. Expenses include travel, shoot location rental, interns, and translators. Please donate by clicking here.

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