Debbie Davies exhibiting photos and paper assemblages at Schillerpalais in Berlin.


One year ago we shot the Hessen video of participants in Frankfurt & Giessen at The Dream Factory and Cafe Amelie. The video premiered at Berlin's 48-Hour-Neukölln annual art festival June 14-16, along with portraits at Schillerpalais.

Recycled Paper Art

Debbie Davies will also exhibit paper assemblages at Schillerpalais September 14-27. These wall hangings are made using discarded paper, receipts, and other found materials, as part of the artist's This Page Intentionally Left Blank series.

Berlin, Germany!

We will exhibit microscope photos at Schillerpalais September 14-27. The Opening Reception is September 13 at 19:00 at Schillepromenade 4 in Neukölln. In June, we photographed and videotaped over 120 people saying "I Love You" in their native languages during the 48-Hour-Neukölln art festival. We will also have a booth at the Berliner Liste fair September 18-22. 

Microscope Erotica

Debbie Davies exhibits her early digital microscope self portraits at Schillerpalais September 14-27.

Bari, Italy!

Our Hessen and Barcelona videos were selected for the Art Expo in Bari, Italy. The Liquid Borders exhibition of photography and video occurred July 3-August 26.

American Express
#Passion Project

The I Love You Project is one of the winners in the American Express Passion Project competition! This competition supports a "new generation of makers, creators, and mold-breakers". We received $2000 and are under consideration for inclusion on the AMEX Passion Project YouTube channel.
Making social art creates a lot of bills and credit card charges. We are lucky to work with collaborators who can wait to be paid, and we are careful with costs. We have applied for grants. We are hopeful, and depend on the public, friends, family  to contribute.  Help support a project that breaks down cultural walls and brings people together through an art platform.
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