Are you ready to share L O V E in 2015?

Berlin Exhibit

Our Hessen video of participants from Frankfurt am Main & Giessen, along with photos, will be on exhibit with several other artists in the "Languages of Love" exhibition/event. It's part of the annual CTM Vorspiel festival in Berlin, Germany on January 16 at Loophole beginning at 21:00 HR at Bodinstrasse 60. The number of languages recorded in Frankfurt am Main exceeded expectations, proving the area to be highly culturally diverse and representative of the new face of Germany. Other artists at CTM include Oliver Rednitz who has another LOVE project he has been conducting in Berlin. 

Eastern Europe

Berlin hosted the "Values & Change" conference in December 2014 at the Akademie der Kunste. This meeting was an eclectic mix of activists, artists, politicians, and journalists coming together to explore the challenges that Eastern European countries face growing their democracies. In particular, the focus of discussions were on Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and Georgia. Debbie Davies attended the conference on behalf of the Congress of Cultural Activists, a Ukrainian organization, to explore cultures and connect countries in an effort to encourage peaceful collaboration.


We've been working hard on revamping our project website to include more information on the cultures that dwell in the cities we've conducted the project in. Now when you click on our "Cities" menu you can view a section titled "People". Here you will find links to various external videos and information about the diversity of these project cities and the problems people face economically and socially. Many of the cities we've visited have undergone violent protests and trauma. We encourage you to read the news, connect with your global neighbors, and become involved in some small way in change for the better. Spread love and peace.

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