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With Roger & Robin Harsh


    It is such a blessing to see so many international teams visiting Prague. The teams were made up of Christians from every continent, with a desire and vision to serve, and share Jesus with everyone they met. They shared Jesus on the main square in Prague, having one on one conversations with tourists from many different nations. Ministering to the poor and homeless people was a very key part of their ministry. Some people have decided to receive help in getting off the street, because of the ministry the teams have been doing. The teams also spent time doing prayer walks in the city. Prayer is key for opening the door for an awakening. 
    We were so happy to attend the Marriage Week international gathering. We were so ecouuraged to hear how healthy marriage relationships are being promoted all over Europe.
    This year the gathering was held in Vienna, Austria.
    Jakub and Dada who run the Marriage Course in the Czech Republic attended the gathering with us. They talked about how healthy marriages can bring greater stability in a culture and the nation. We ran another Marriage course this spring. We had couples attend from 3 different churches. 
    It was so good to be back in Prostejov in June. We were asked to minister in three different churches, In Brno, Prostejov and Olomoc. We were really blessed in how the churches are growing. The young people were really zealous to know Jesus and to experience His love through the ministry, prayer and teaching. It was also encouraging for us to speak to people who we have known for more than 20 years who are seasoned men and women of God mentoring the younger Christians in the Lord.
    I (Roger) took part in a Prayer gathering on Mount Blanc in France. Eight years ago Mirek, a Christian leader I have known for a long time said he felt called to take a team of Christian leader so the summit of Europe. which is Mount Blanc.  The purpose of the gathering is to pray for revival and an awakening to come to Europe. 

      Thank you for your prayers concerning our medical situation. I saw two other doctors. They said I should wait on an operation, because the shoulder is one of the most complicated joints in the body, and that surgery isn't always successful.
    They suggested that I continue with physical therapy, and see if my shoulder could heal it's self.
    In July I will visit the Cleveland clinic in Ohio to consult with a specialist.

  • For our visit to Ohio and Michigan for God's provision.
  • For Roger that he would receive the right treatment for the torn cartilage in his shoulder.
  • For the Fall 2019 Discipleship Training School in Prague.

  • For the planning of the 2020 leader's conference in Prague.

  • Pray for us to be on fire for Jesus to see His Kingdom advance. 

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