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With Roger & Robin Harsh
                    YWAM 2020 EUROPEAN              LEADERS GATHERING
    The European Leadership Conference in Prague, which took place February 3-7, was an amazing event.
    Our team of seven in Prague were working on all the details behind the scenes in order to make things work smoothly. Many people said this was one of the best organized conferences they have been to. We felt the Lord's hand guide us through the organization and execution of the conference. We believe that your prayers directly impacted the conferences success. Thank you to all who prayed! We would also like the thank our volunteers who put countless amounts of hours into the organization of the conference. 
    The conference kicked off with Roger declaring the confidence YWAM has in the younger generation. He then turned the floor over to Miranda, one of our young leaders in YWAM Prague. The YWAM team followed up the introduction with a incredible dance and spoken word performance. Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM then shared a word about the growth of missions. It was such a privilege to have him in Prague on the opening evening of the conference. He also accepted an interview with the largest Christian magazine in the Czech Republic (Život víry) which reaches into Slovakia and Poland. Loren and our friend Tomas had a wonderful interview. Initially it was meant to be 45 minutes, but the interview ended up lasting about two hours.
  The conference also included: Sofa talks (informal questions and answers) from experienced leaders and time for emerging leaders to share. Carl Tinnon did a powerful monologue about the Protestant reformer Jan Hus. The room was quiet and the people were in awe! There were also dramatic performances from the Bible, which brought the word and historical figures to life. Wednesday afternoon we held a Bible distribution in the city. It is fantastic that the word of God could go throughout Prague. Good discussions were held too! 
The last evening we had a traditional Moravian folk band play for the guests.
    There is so much more to say. Hearts were touched, people felt empowered, and the Holy Spirit brought comfort and new vision. He gave us strength and grace to minister in practical ways to our European Leaders. Thank you all for being a part of that! 
    Elizabeth and I will be visiting the mid-west in the USA from February 20th through March 17th. We will be speaking in some churches and visiting universities. Please send me an email or whats app if you would like to get together. 
+420 604 205859.  She will finish up her missions commitment beginning of June and hopes to attend university in the fall. Both she and Josiah will be studying and working. 
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