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Contents of the March 2020 Voter:

President’s Note

The COVID-19 virus has forced us to cancel or postpone many of our activities, including our trip to the Farmer’s Market to outreach about the Census, and our 100th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the League of Women Voters. It has upended our day to day lives and caused an uncertainty that challenges us all.  

Much of the work that we do as a League involves interacting with people, which is made more challenging when we are confined to our homes. You can help from home. Please reach out to your family, friends and people that you work with and help them understand the importance of the Census.  Call, text or email them and encourage them to complete their Census form today. We have included suggestions below about wording and links to information that can help answer questions about the Census or how to complete the form. 

While we have plans scheduled for April, May, and June, we do not know how things will proceed, so we have to wait and see. In the meantime, we can catch up on some of those things that we never have time to do … like our taxes, sorting the closet, or reading a good book.

I hope that you all keep safe and find some enjoyment or meaning in our slower paced reality.  

Take care,

Lisa McLain

LWV Events cancelled due to COVID-19

All events and regularly scheduled meetings up to April 7th are cancelled due to the “shelter in place” order and to help keep us all safe. 

Please check our calendar and email announcements regarding regularly scheduled meetings and the following special events:

  • 100th Anniversary Celebration (June 14th)
  • Annual Meeting is scheduled (June 20th)
  • National Convention (June 24th-28th)

Census: Why is it Important?

Do you want your tax dollars to benefit our community?  Every 10 years we count every resident (not citizen) in the US.  The number of residents that we count in California will determine our share of seats in the House of Representatives as well as the amount of federal funding California receives.

When you complete your Census form, you bring money to our community to fund affordable housing, infrastructure, education, healthcare and more. Based on the results of the 2010 Census, each year $1950 has come back to California for each resident. Let's all complete our Census forms so that we bring back the maximum federal dollars to benefit our community.

For more information about the Census, read our Census 1 2 3  article: .

Census Overview: .

Census: HELP make sure everyone is counted

Reach out to family, friends and those you work with to remind them to complete their Census form. In 2010 California only had a 68.2% response rate!  If we all work together we can increase our Census count and bring more money back to our community and increase our representation in Congress.  

ALL RESIDENTS (not just citizens) are required to complete their Census form. Please let people know that their identity and personal information is kept safe. To learn how it is protected:

Text, email or call your friends, family and those you work with.
Here is an example:

  1. Do you pay taxes?  Do you want your tax dollars to come back to benefit your community? Completing your Census form helps determine how much federal money will return to your community as well as your state's congressional representation. Please do your part and complete your Census form now. Your identity and information are protected.
  2. You can link to our website article, Census 1 2 3 Why, How, and Help which provides general information about the Census and includes links to answers for many common questions.  
You can monitor how residents across the country are completing their Census forms: .

Census: How to complete the form

If you have questions about how to complete the Census, check out one of the following options: 

Online instructions on how to complete your form:

Video instructions to help you complete your form: 

Celebrating our Centennial 

Let us all remember the work of the brave women who worked for many decades to help earn each woman's right to vote. Watch a National Archives Museum video:   We Stand on Their Shoulders .

The League of Women Voters was founded on February 14th 1920 to help prepare women to engage in civil society. For over 100 years we have been working to empower voters and make our democracy stronger.  League of Women Voters US timeline of the 100 Years of the League of Women Voters.

Volunteer from home - Voter's Edge Coordinator needed 

We are looking for someone to be our league’s Voter’s Edge Coordinator. Voter’s Edge, sponsored by LWV California, is an online election tool to help voters find unbiased information about their candidates and ballot measures. The Voter’s Edge Coordinator will contact candidates and invite them to post their information on Voter’s Edge and to follow up by reviewing their material to be sure it follows League guidelines. An ability to communicate with the candidates and use the software provided by the League is desired. Training and support are available.

Job description: Voter's Edge Coordinator  

Contact Sue Graham for more information: 

Program Planning Meeting Outcomes - 2020

The League of Women Voters Los Altos-Mountain View held its all-member Program Planning meeting on Saturday, February 1 at the home of Katie Campodonico. The purpose of the meeting was to send to LWVUS a list of the programs we wish them to prioritize on a national level and for us to prioritize the issues we want to focus on locally in the coming year.

We recommended that LWVUS focus on programs under the framework and campaign “Making Democracy Work”, specifically: Redistricting, Voting Rights, Improving Elections, and Campaign Finance/Money in Politics. We added Climate Change and support for LWV Illinois’ request for abolition of the electoral college for action focus.

Updates were given on the following local League activities.

1. Housing – Donna Yobs
2. Education – Ellen Wheeler
3. Natural Resources - Climate Change Team – Gary Hedden
4. Voter Services – Karin Bricker
5. Los Altos Community Coalition – Cathy Lazarus

Voter Services, Housing, and Climate Change were chosen as the local priorities for 2020-2021.  These will be recommended to the League members at the Annual Meeting for confirmation.

Upcoming League Events:

For details go to:

The Voter
The League of Women Voters of the Los Altos-Mountain View Area
P.O. Box 3492, Los Altos CA 94024
Phone (650) 429-8382

Production Editors: Lisa McLain and Sue Graham

President   Lisa McLain   Government   Katie Zoglin

VP Program
  Carol Kuiper 
  Natural Resources
  Gary Hedden

VP Action
  Merrian Nevin
  Social Policy
  Abby Longcor

  Martha McClatchie

  Voter Service   Karin Bricker
Treasurer   Natalie Elefant   Data Manager   Jennifer Brooks

at Large
Lucy Zemanek
  Membership   Sue Graham
      Tech Team   Max Beckman-
  Margaret Capriles

The League of Women Voters of the Los Altos-Mountain View Area delivers unbiased public policy information and encourages citizens to actively participate in their communities. The League does not support or oppose any political party or candidate, but it does take action on selected government issues in the public interest.

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