January 2023 | Issue 31
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📋 Most Significant Education Studies of 2022
How do we know EdTech Works?
📱 Cosmo In-App Purchase
❤️ New Year fitness challenge with Cosmo
📅 Upcoming events
Most Significant Education Studies of 2022
The power of play-based learning
How can we let little kids be little while helping them grow academically? A new overview of educational studies over the years shows the unique benefits of incorporating play-based learning into the classroom.
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“Treat the general education classroom as the default classroom”
After working with over 20,000 young people with Special Needs/Disabilities, the researchers discovered that spending most of the day in a general education classroom significantly improved their reading and math results compared to peers who spent most of their time in a separate classroom.
How do we know EdTech works?
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In a recent episode of the EdTech Podcast, Prof. Rose Luckin discussed the meaning of Educational Technologies in schools and asks:
🟣 What does good evidence look like? 
🟡 What can stakeholders in the ecosystem do to ensure it is high-quality?
🟢 What are the biggest barriers to generating good evidence? 
🟠  How to enable teachers to have the agency to put the evidence into action?
🔵 How can we measure engagement and joy in learning?

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Read more about the research behind Cosmo.
New Cosmo games and activities
At the end of last year, we launched an in-app purchase feature, which allows you to access 12+ new games and activities in the Cosmo Training app. The activities continue to support the development of core cognitive, physical, communication and social skills.

Use Sampler during literacy lessons or speech therapy sessions, where you can record words and learn sentence formation.

Create personalised video playlists in CosmoTube and navigate easily through your favourite tracks. 

Practice mindful breathing with the sensory Bubbles.
Try it for 30 days free
Open the Cosmo Training app  Upgrade the app in AppStore  Scroll to the bottom of the main page and tap on any activity to unlock
Want to learn more about the new activities? Sign up for a short webinar with Ewa, the Community Lead at Cosmo.
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New Year Cosmo fitness challenge
Getting back to the gym and exercise is one of the most popular New Year resolutions. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to get out of the house and stick to it.

If your schedule is packed, use Cosmo to spice up your home workout 
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Upcoming events
If you'd like to learn more about Cosmo, join a free 30-minute demo.
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