The Autism Show
Have a sneak peek into the SEND Conference and the Autism Show!

It was such a pleasure to meet so many fantastic young people. We had hours of fun playing with Cosmo. Some young participants even helped demonstrate how to play Cosmo Games at the Autism Show and were an invaluable help during such a busy event!
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If you want to see us in person, check out other upcoming summer events.
REHAB, June 23-25th, Karlsruhe, Germany
Naidex, July 6/7th, Birmingham
World Music Day
Celebrate World Music Day with Cosmo!

Here are our top 5 ideas for music lovers.

Add your favourite music tracks to accompany the Cosmo Games

Create a music orchestra with your Cosmoids
1. Open “My Orchestra”. 
2. Nominate one learner to be the conductor. 
3. Choose the number of Cosmoids (2-6) according to the number of learners (excluding the conductor).
4. Hand over a Cosmoid to each of them (except the conductor).
5. Ask the conductor to select a Music Track from the list.
6. Play the activity and demonstrate how to add and remove instrumental beats by pressing the Cosmoids.
7. Encourage the conductor to cue each learner when to start and stop playing their instruments using their Cosmoids.

Play a simple musical cause and effect activity
1. Open “Exploration”. 
2. Choose the colour of your Cosmoid.
3. Select a Music Track from the list or upload your favourite song from Spotify Premium, iTunes or Apple Music.
4. Select Effects Enabled. This will enable you to add special effects to the music track when you press the Cosmoids harder.
5. Press the Cosmoid to trigger the music. If you release your hand, the music will pause.

Add an extra layer of fun to circle time with a welcome song
1. Open “My Voice”. 
2. Select Effects Enabled to add a layer of funky voices during playback. 
3. Press Play and Record. Say a word or make a sound.
4. Press any Cosmoid to hear the recording with different voice effects. 

5. Encourage the learner(s) to record a sound using body percussion or another object.
6. Once they have recorded the sound, it’s time for everyone to sing a “Name Song” or “Welcome Song” you usually sing together or make up a new one, e.g - “It’s Cosmo’s turn to make a sound, make a sound, make a sound. Let’s go, Cosmo."
7. Leave a pause at the end for the first learner to press their Cosmoid so everyone can hear what they recorded.
8. Encourage the first learner to pass the Cosmoid to the next learner or simply switch sitting spots.
8. Repeat the steps to ensure every learner has a chance to record a sound and press the Cosmoids.

Use your Cosmoids as accessible musical instruments
Use your Cosmoids as MIDI controllers to create music pieces in GarageBand, ThumbJam and other music-making apps.
Did you know that Cosmo takes part in live music performances?

We collaborate with Digit Music to support their performances with Able Orchestra and Inspire Youth Arts.

You can now use the tracks produced by Digit Music in the Improvisation activity to add more fun to your Music Day!

Use the code FILISIAMUSIC to get 50% off all tracks from Digit Sounds. You can also follow this link to the shop; the discount will automatically apply at checkout.

Once you've got your tracks, follow this tutorial to import them into your Cosmo Training app.

Photo credit Neil Pledger  
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Cosmo also collaborates with ArtEZ Muziektherapie, which offers an innovative Music Therapy programme teaching how to use music to connect with people with disabilities and help them with their challenges.

They research new ways of incorporating music technology into therapy. Their recent publication, 'Navigating Music Technology', provides a practical guide to embedding various music technologies, such as Cosmo, into everyday therapy practice.
Follow ArtEZ Musiektherapie on Instagram and see how they presented Cosmo at this year's European Music Therapy Conference in Edinburgh.
NASEN Awards
The NASEN nominations 2022 are now open! You can choose among 15 categories to recognise those who make a real difference for children with SEND.

To view the categories and submit your application follow this link.
Learning Disability Week

Explore the resources from Mencap for the Learning Disability Week 2022 here.

See how to get involved here.
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