LEGO Play for All Launch
We have kicked off our participation in the LEGO Play For All Accelerator in Billund with five days of intense brainstorming and inspiring sessions around creating innovative technologies for neurodiverse people.
We had the opportunity to meet many fantastic companies from around the world with the same mission to find creative ways to support children with SEND. There was no better way to start this programme than building with LEGO bricks.
This month's inspiration with Cosmo
This month's inspiration with Cosmo focuses on understanding the world around us using touch, hearing, vision and proprioception.
My Voice: Animal Calls
1. Demonstrate
Open My Voice activity, press Record on the iPad screen and make a sound of clapping or tapping your foot. Press any Cosmoid to listen to the recording in different pitches and voices.
2. Play
  1. Sit in a circle and place the set of Cosmoids (1-6) in front of the learners.
  2. Open the activity. Show the image of the first animal to learners.
  3. What sound does this animal make?
  4. Press the Record button and ask a learner to record the sound of this animal.
  5. The other learners can press the Cosmoids to play and hear the animal sounds.
  6. Repeat the steps to ensure every learner has a chance to record a sound and playback the sounds.
Showdown: Let's Get Moving!
1. Demonstrate
Open Showdown activity. Let one learner from each team identify the colour assigned to their team. Play the activity and invite them to press the Cosmoid of the given colour to earn a point for the team.
2. Play
  1. Once the setup is ready, choose the first two learners/two teams who will play.
  2. Assign a colour to create teams like the Green team or the Orange team. Press play and begin the Showdown!
  3. Encourage each learner/team to press as many assigned coloured Cosmoids before the time runs out.
What's new in the Cosmo app?
You can now select octaves along with individual musical notes in Improvisation.
To see how to add your favourite music tracks to your Cosmo app to make activities even more exciting, watch this short tutorial on our YouTube channel.
The While It's Lit activity has now become While It's Blue to offer more user-friendly colour options for people with visual impairments.

Make sure to upgrade your Cosmo Training app to version 2.9.13 to see the latest improvements.
If you missed our last webinar on Creating User-Centred Products for Special Needs, you can now watch it on our YouTube channel.
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Where to find us
If you would like to see us in person, check out the following events this summer.
Communication Works on May 19th & 26th, London & Oldham.
The National SEND Conference, June 15th, London
The Autism Show, June 17/18th, London
REHAB, June 23-25th, Karlsruhe, Germany
Naidex, July 6/7th, Birmingham
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