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🧱 Cosmo joins LEGO Play For All Accelerator
🌼 Ideas for Easter and spring activities with Cosmo
⚙️ New Cosmo features
📑 New government SEND plans
🗓 Upcoming events
LEGO Play For All
We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected to participate in the Play For All Accelerator by The LEGO Foundation!

The Play For All programme brings together 25 start-ups, NGOs and social enterprises that support neurodivergent children to grow and thrive through play.

You can view and share the LinkedIn announcement here.
It is a privilege to be among such exceptional companies coming together worldwide to help young people build belonging and get a fair chance to learn through play.
"Rather than pushing children to think like adults, we might do better to remember that they are great learners and to try harder to be more like them."

Seymour Papert 
LEGO Professor of Learning Research.
This month's inspiration with Cosmo
Here's a bunch of inspiration on how to use Cosmo during Easter break.
Easter Cosmo Hunt
This Easter, you can indulge in a fun and exciting game of Cosmo Hunt. It’s our version of the Easter Egg hunt!

How to play?

This activity can be played individually or in a group by taking turns.
  1. Open the “While it’s Blue” activity.
  2. Select the number of Cosmoids from 2 to 6. (The more Cosmoids you add, the more challenging and exciting the activity gets.)
  3. Select the duration of the game.
  4. Select or upload a music track.
  5. Place the Cosmoids at varying distances, partially hidden in the garden/hall.
  6. Find and press as many blue Cosmoids as you can before the time runs out.
You can also create a scoreboard and see who finds the highest number of the blue Cosmoids.
Video stories
A new season calls for a new story! With the Seasons' Show from Twinkl in the Video Storytelling, you can learn all about what the spring looks like, the weather, plants and animals.
Carrot Game
Did you know that each of your Cosmoids can be used as an accessibility switch to access third-party apps and games?

Here’s a fun one-Switch game you can try, the Carrot Game.

How to play?

Your task is to throw carrots into the rabbit's basket. It is not easy as the rabbit moves around and changes the distance! This game is very engaging and can help practice reaction time and attention skills.

Use a Cosmoid in the Switch Mode and set the character as Space using the Cosmo Switch Setup app. Learners can play this game individually or by taking turns.

Here’s a tip to practise Numeracy skills while playing.
Count the carrots at the beginning of the game (There are 20 carrots in total). How many carrots did you throw in the basket? How many landed on the ground?
If you are unsure of how to set up your Cosmo Switch, watch this demo.
Curious about more ideas?
Make sure to follow us on Instagram using @cosmo_filisia and go to Reels where we regularly add more interaction ideas.
New Cosmo features
Here's an overview of the new features in the Cosmo Training and the Cosmo Switch apps.

You can now filter the Cosmo Games based on the number of Cosmoids you have.
Cosmo Switch has a new light mode that lets you use it with the light off. 
SEND Review
The new Government SEND Review proposal for England is out.

The National Autistic Society accurately summarised it in this article.

The new government plans include tackling the delay in providing early intervention, for example, by improving and standardising the EHC Plan and annual review processes to look similar in every area.

Read the full SEND Review.
Have your say on how to bridge the gap between educational research and practice to create user-centred products for people with special needs.
This event brings together education technology researchers, educators and industry professionals who will share their experience in creating user-centred and evidence-based products for people with special educational needs. During this event, we will hear from university students and educators who will share their stories and ideas around bridging the gap between research and practice to create exceptional products that can help students grow and succeed.
Book tickets
If you'd like to onboard new Cosmo users or get them inspired with fresh interaction ideas, you can invite them to one of the following sessions.

Onboarding training
Refresher training
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