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13 Mother's Day
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Child Registration for September 2018 


May 1st - 14th is our existing families pre-registration time frame before we open up to our wait lists!

All TOPP KIDS programs will be hosting Registration Nights and handing out individual packages for each child that must be checked, signed and returned with 10 (ten) post-dated cheques for the 2018/19 school year.


Prince of Wales:
May 11, 2018 
St. Philips F.A.: May 10, 2018 (4 pm - 6 pm)
Coventry Hills: May 3, 2018
Maple Ridge (Before & After School Program): May 1-15, 2018
Maple Ridge (Kindi Program): May 17, 2018 (4:30 pm - 6 pm)
Evergreen Elementary: May 10, 2018
Copperfield Elementary: May 1 - 4, 2018)
Holy Child School (Before & After School Program): May 1 - 15, 2018
Holy Child School (Kindi Program) May 24, 2018

Each package must be returned with:

  1. Signed TOPP KIDS consent forms - Available at the program on registration night or by clicking HERE 
  2. Signed Child Profile - Given to you by the program on registration day/night
  3. Updated photo of your child
  4. Ten (x10) Postdated cheques dated for either the 1st or 15th of each month (TOPP KIDS does not accept cash payments)

IF YOU DO NOT ATTEND the Registration Day / Night for your specific program and submit forms and cheques - TOPP KIDS will assume that your family is not returning the following year and will fill your spot with a very happy family from our wait-list!

Thank you to all of our amazing families!!!

Never forget to.....

It is almost that time of year again where we all come together as one big community to raise awareness for Afterschool and Summer programs for our children.

These programs keep our children safe, provide learning opportunities for our children, and help hand in hand with working families.

Join us on Friday, May 11, 2018, at your respective TOPP KIDS location for an evening of fun and games, all while raising awareness to:
- Increase provincial investments in afterschool
- Improve professional education opportunities
- Advocate for policy-makers to earmark research and funding projects that are specific to school-age programs
- Create the "Ideal Future" working towards accessible high-quality after-school programming for every child and youth in Alberta

                                                   Help us keep the Lights On After School!
This year our Year End Parties are going to be a blast! See your Program Coordinator for details!

Check out what each of our programs have been up to in April!

Prince Of Wales Elementary

This month at Prince of Wales has been full of exciting changes and lots of fun for kids and staff alike. We have been taking a journey around the world for the majority of the month with different activities derived from the various countries we have been exploring, including our Philippines PD day, during which kids made a traditional craft, learned a cultural dance and tried some local cuisine. Stay tuned for May, which includes fun themes like Recycling Week and Mothers Day Week! 
On May 11 we will be hosting our Registration Open House Night for existing families. Please come prepared with post dated cheques anytime between 3 pm and 6 pm. We will also be advertising and celebrating the Lights On Afterschool event at this time, details TBA. Please contact Lainey with any questions! 


Philippine's Craft

Around the world in 20 Days!
St. Philip Fine Arts School

At St. Philip F.A. we're always learning through play! This last month has been no exception to this. During our spring break, we had an awesome reptile expo where the children had the opportunity to learn about different snakes and lizards and their habitats! We also had multiple interactive presentations about different cultures throughout the world such as India, Philippines, Afghanistan, Africa and our home nation, Canada! 

Also, lately with all the beautiful weather, we have been doing a lot of our planned activities outdoors such as art projects, science experiments and active group games! With the horrible winter weather behind us, we will be doing a lot more of this in the next couple months! 

Next week, we have our first adult vs kids dodgeball game! This will be Friday, May 10th from 5-6pm. Everyone one is invited to attend! It's should be a blast! In addition to this fun day, we are having our "lights on after school" event to bring awareness of the importance of before and after school childcare. So, come have a snack and chat with us we'll be happy to express our cause! 

We totally encourage every classroom, youth group, after-school program, child care facility etc,  to keep Becca’s legacy alive and teach our future-adults how to rule this world with kindness ❤️

Insect trivia outside with Jerri

Div 2 group game with Carol and Chloe 
Coventry Hills Elementary

Coventry has been up to so much fun stuff this past couple of months! For spring break we traveled around the world and made cultural dishes each day. This is a picture of Jacob making sushi for Japan day. We also became local tourists and had a field trip to the Calgary Tower and went to the very top. We walked over to the CORE shopping center and the kids loved watching the koi fish in the pond. They also got a chance to walk through the Devonian Gardens and enjoy the plants and flowers.
For April, one of our themes was Politics. We elected a TOPP KIDS president and she has created 3 rules for the rest of TOPP KIDS to follow. We are very proud of Yazmeen for stepping up to the plate and being so brave as our TOPP KIDS president. This week, we are doing a Blue & Pink week, in which we are allowing the kids to plan the ultimate girls and boys day for Friday! The kids seem very excited about it, so it should make for an amazing day!

Calgary Tower Field Trip

Cooking club!
Holy Child Elementary
Holy Child has continued to have wonderful support from our parents. We have already reached a total of 10 parent volunteer visits since October 2017 WOW! The children have benefited from parents joining us with craft ideas, child’s birthday celebrations, bringing games from home, cooking special recipes and presentations about their home countries.

The family feeling is evident and we so appreciate the time everyone has taken to build a positive community. The children have also been celebrating community as one of our themes this month was community helpers and the children contributed to the community of Silverado by completing a garbage clean up since the weather finally cooperated YAY!  Also on earth day  April 22nd, the group created a world handprint wreath that is now posted outside our room.

Awareness and support for our community will continue to be a priority for TOPP KIDS Silverado.
We are supporting a LIGHTS ON program sponsored by School Age Care Directors Association of Alberta happening on May 11,2018 which we hope will raise awareness to increase investments in afterschool, improve professional education opportunities, advocate for policymakers to earmark research and funding projects that are specific to SCHOOL AGED programs and create the “Ideal Future” working towards accessible high-quality afterschool programming for every child and youth in Alberta. We will be posting in our program plans for May 11th  please make sure to check it out.

Registration for existing families will be occurring onsite from May1st-15th with a table set up for your convenience in the hallway by the door. Please make sure you have 10 post dated cheques and a few extra minutes to complete consent package. Staff at the program will verify everything is complete in order to confirm your child’s spot for the next school year. TOPP KIDS is looking forward to welcoming everyone back for another great year!
Community Helpers Garbage Clean Up!
World Hand Print Wreath
Copperfield Elementary

Spring Break was a huge hit at Copperfield this past month.  We created our very own Harry Potter world, where we continued to sell our products from Entrepreneur week, played Quidditch, made butterbeer, went to Canyon Meadows movie theatre, created potions and wands and so much more!  The highlight for most of the children was our magician, Christopher Cool who put on a very engaging and funny magic show and then taught us our very own magic tricks.  What a way to end off our Spring Break!   

We have been seriously hoping and wishing for Spring and so decided to kick off the first two weeks of April with a Spring theme.  We tried to add some Spring spirit to our center with many fun and vibrant Spring crafts such as Spring Chickens, a painted banner, and 3D flowers.  We also built our very own barometer to measure the air pressure and to predict and observe the changes that are happening with the weather!  Super cool!  Hockey playoffs also started and so the children were able to do their very own playoff bracket predictions.  Let’s see who can predict the Stanley Cup winners! 

We are so looking forward to the last couple of months and have many exciting things planned for the rest of the year.  We will be having our pizza party with the money made during Entrepreneur week, Lights on Afterschool Talent Show event, getting involved in our community, starting up our community park walks again, creating life-size board games, having a kids choice week and so much more!
Harry Potter Week!
Spring Banner Painting!
Evergreen Elementary

WOAH spring is finally here, hence our theme of the week – sunshine.

Re-Registration is May 1st- May 14th for CURRENT Families only. After May 14th, TOPP KIDS moves to their waiting list. Please note to ensure you are fully registered for September, your 10 post- dated cheques need to be handed in during registration time.  IF your child is in grade 3, please let Janniel know if you are interested in PD Day drop-ins

Please note that we are a nut free zone!
Recycling project
Our Earth week was a complete success with the kids crashing a big $122 worth of recyclables. Let's just say they were thrilled to have reached their goal for the pizza party! A massive thank you to all of the families that participated!

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Pizza Party!!
Lights on After School!
Maple Ridge Elementary 

Finally, spring has arrived! We have been enjoying the warm weather. On April 13th we did a community clean up but there was still too much snow so we are looking forward to doing it again! The children have been working so hard to raise money for the Kids Choice Fund. Since Thursday afternoon they have raised $70!! They have taken all the initiative to make their stands and products to sell. They are determined to go on a field trip to Trico for a Nerf war!  

On May 18th we are looking forward to our Wheels Day and Slurpee Day as well as our Lights on After School on May 11th featuring A Day In The Life @ TOPP KIDS for our Lights On event. We look forward to showing off what makes our program special! See you there!

Finger Knitting!
Community Clean Up!
Summer Camp Directory for those looking!

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