June 2018

Special Dates
15 TOPP KIDS South locations Year End BBQ - Park 96
17 Father's Day
21 National Aboriginal Day
28 TOPP KIDS North locations Year End BBQ  - Bowness Park

PD Day
18 PD Day for Copperfield
28 PD Day for CBE ( Except Evergreen)
28 Half Day for Evergreen

29  All TOPP KIDS closed and All Schools (CBE & CCSD) 

TOPP KIDS will reopen for care on the first day of school in September!

If you need to contact us through the summer, please use email

All TOPP KIDS school emails & phones will not be in use until Monday, August 27th

Numbers to contact over the summer:

Shamiza Mohammed Regional Manager: 403-796-3714
Chelsey MacLellan Regional Manager: 403-702-4009

To contact someone onsite at Summer Camp: 587-439-9170


Dear Parents,

Wow, June is here! Did that sneak up on anyone else?!  This school year has just blown by and It is amazing how much we have achieved in only ten months.

We recently completed our Light On Afterschool events with huge success! Our message reached all the way to the top, and Premiere Notley is expected to address the Afterschool community over this next month, but we need to keep the message alive- Afterschool programs are important for our communities and for families and should be recognized by the Alberta Government as a priority during social project planning and childcare conversations. 

TOPP KIDS has been very active as an advocate for Afterschool programs in Alberta and is helping spearhead conversations with government, education, and public sectors. This last year was busy working in partnership with groups like SACDA (School Age Care Directors Association), 2000 Days, Bow Valley and Mount Royal. In keeping ahead of changes happening in the Child Care field, TOPP KIDS is in the unique position to pilot many new programs, increasing the quality we provide constantly.

Children, parents, and staff working together as a community remains the one greatest strength of TOPP KIDS. 
Thankyou for being part of our TOPP KIDS family this past year and for contributing all that you do to each of our programs.

I recently completed my annual owner's operations review of all the programs and I have to say that I was blown away at every school and am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished so far... I love looking through the years photo albums, programming, getting to chat with families and to be honest, I was not expecting the sheer amount of compliments we received from parents and schools about our programs and the relationships they have built
.... I want to sincerely say thank you to everyone that has been part of the TOPP KIDS family this last year!

I want to also extend huge praise to our teams. Without you, TOPP KIDS would not be what it is today! You all are so innovative, caring, professional and you truly do pour your hearts and souls into the work you do with the children! We are a family, as cheesy as it can be, and I truly appreciate you and your commitment to making TOPP KIDS the BEST Afterschool Program for families! THANK YOU for making the dream a reality!

In this newsletter, you will find information on next year, a few important reminders, information about summer camp, and updates from all our centers. Keep reading for exciting news about the company and how we are always expanding and improving to create the highest quality Afterschool Programs in Alberta.

As we approach the end of the school year, we wish you all a safe, fun, and relaxing summer. For those attending Summer Camp, we are so excited about our fun plans. Everyone else, we look forward to seeing you again in September for another year!

Never forget to

This year our Year End Parties are going to be a blast! See your Program Coordinator for details!



A welcome email with calendars, events, and other camp info will be sent out Monday, June 25th, 2018. If your family is attending camp and you do not receive the welcome email on this date, please contact Any further info and calendars will be also posted online!


Please be sure to save or print your copy of next school years calendar by following the link below: 

TOPP KIDS continues to grow and develop new programs every year focusing on bringing more and more opportunities to our clubs and families! Take a look at some of the newest developments for 2018!

Physical Literacy - P.L.A.Y.
Responding to the growing need across Canada for Physical Literacy, Alberta Recreation and Parks Association created Physical Literacy and You (P.L.A.Y.) Alberta to support, engage and connect Alberta communities in their efforts to use Physical Literacy as a resource for health and community development. TOPP KIDS has partnered with this ARPA to continue to grow our Physical Literacy Programs for the next year. Using the P.L.A.Y. program and focusing on skill development.

STEAM Programming: Coding & Robotics
This year we will be bringing a new Coding & Robotics Enhancement Program to TOPP KIDS using a ton of new equipment and toys focused on introducing new skills for future careers. Participants will get the opportunity to design video games, code the movement and patterns of robots, engineer things to move and make our world better, design animation and more! This program will be led both by TOPP KIDS and our partners at Engineering 4 Kids.
The TOPP Artist Program
Our program uses the great artists of the past to inspire and teach the great artists of the future.  Students not only learn about great artists, they are given the skills and confidence to be a great artist!

You will be amazed at what your child is capable of! This innovative program delivers quality fine art focused enhanced programming for school-age participants with simple lessons and lots of fun giving students the tremendous benefits of artistic expression and education. Let them discover the artist within as they learn about artists, movements, and mediums as well as host local artists. Students and leaders alike love this exciting program!
Enrichment - Literacy Programs
Literacy is fundamental to one’s learning, growing, and comprehension of the world. The ability to read, write and think critically is essential in all facets of our lives—from academics to career to civic responsibility to social engagement. Whether it is reading about current events in newspapers or online, writing a cover
letter to a potential employer, or reviewing the nutritional content of food when grocery shopping, literacy skills come into play. 

TOPP KIDS is continuing to focus on building literacy skills for participants in our programs and over the last year have developed a strong Enrichment program at every center. Programs will continue over the next year to incorporate Enrichment as part of their daily schedule- planning literacy activities, providing time for academic work and building family involvement activities. we plan to incorporate local authors, storytellers, and multiple types of literacy into the programs.

Kindergarten Curriculum
TOPP KIDS is currently developing a new Kindergarten curriculum that will be piloted over the 2018/ 2019 year. The curriculum will focus on bringing more hands-on, European inspired play based programming using more natural materials and community involvement while focusing on developmental milestones and teachable moments. 

TOPP KIDS- Summer Camps
Due to the overwhelming demand for summer camp spaces this year, TOPP KIDS will be opening a second and possibly a third summer camp locations for the 2018 /2019 year. We are so excited that our camps are in such high demand and it is our goal to have enough room in camps for every TOPP KIDS - Out of School Club participant in the near future! Keep an eye out for details to come!
We want to Say THANK YOU to the National Afterschool Association and School Specialty for awarding our very own Janniel Saville a $500 voucher for winning the SSI Out-of-School-Care Contest to use on products for our Evergreen Out of School Club program!

Congrats Janniel and Evergreen!
Janniel Saville - Program Coordinator - Evergreen Elementary 



E.L.C.C & Community Development has had an extraordinarily successful year! We hosted over 20 events this year including full streams of professional development workshops, summits, business consulting, family seminars/engagement events and the Alberta Afterschool Care Conference! E.L.C.C. has now also been approved by the Alberta Government for Professional Development funding, making our services more accessible to the E.C.E. (Early Childhood Educators) community across the province.

Our team is growing and their creative minds have developed another full series of E.C.E. Professional Development workshops for both TOPP KIDS and the public using our combination of theory and experiential learning through focused teamwork and role play.

Driven by positive feedback, we decided to expand our reach and have now been invited to present in Atlanta Georgia next year at the Beyond School Hours Conference for the Foundations Organization.

We invite all ECE Professionals to join us in this fun and educational journey. But wait, there’s more! We are also creating a continuous family based facilitations for next year aimed specifically at focusing on our families needs.

Child care professionals and families have the opportunity to register online for any event. Follow our website and stay up to date with detailed information on workshops topics, schedule, and location.

Check out what each of our programs have been up to in May

Prince Of Wales Elementary

This month at Prince of Wales has been a busy and fun one! From our anti-bullying week that celebrated kindness and friendship to our mothers day week, that expanded to include all the important women in our lives, we have been busy creating community and compassion within our group. The division 2 children took part in a community walk this month, and we look forward to giving the division 1 kids the same opportunity in June! Here's to another great month together!  


Playground Fun!

Engineering For Kids!
St. Philip Fine Arts School

Here at St.Philip’s Fine Art, we would like to send a huge thank you to all our parent and community volunteers throughout the year! We had a very successful turnout for our adults. vs. children dodgeball game, which was an absolute blast! We appreciate the parent participation in our career and cultural presentations, for all your donations through our loose parts exploration and clothing drives, and your continuous support for our programming. So thank you to everyone who has helped make this year possible! With the sudden warm weather, St.Philip’s children have been eager and excited to spend lots of extra time outdoors! Our division one council has continued to present a character trait of the week, and we are celebrating our individuality this week! Our Jr. Leaders have been playing and leading a ton of active games such as soccer, basketball, dodgeball, and playing on the playground, and working hard on articles, comics and illustrations to submit to our TOPP KIDS newspaper. We are all looking forward to and gearing up for our year end party in June!!


Here is a photo of our adult vs children "bench " dodge ball... the adults were apparently losing

The div 1 kids made awesome masquerade masks for carnival week!
Coventry Hills Elementary

We wanted to start off by saying a huge THANK YOU to all of our families who attended and donated clothing during our Lights On Afterschool event on May 11th. We received over 4 garbage bags full of clothing for the Alberta Kidney Foundation! We had a blast and hope that our families have got a sense of how dedicated we are to making sure before and after school programs like TOPP KIDS are valued and seen as an essential part to every school.
This month we have also been striving to get the kids out into nature more, so we have been visiting a new park every Friday for the month of May. The kids have had a blast exploring new places within their own community that they haven’t had the chance to see yet, and they’ve even made some new K-9 friends along the way 😉
For the month of June we are SO excited to have our year-end party at Bowness park, complete with a magician, train rides around the park, lunch, and some face painting. We will be sad to see our grade 3’s leave next month, but wish them the best on their future endeavors into grade 4!


Outside Fun!

Lights on After School Event!
Holy Child Elementary
What an incredible first year program at Holy Child school as a program coordinator! I feel the best measure of success is by evaluating whether our children enjoyed their time with us, gained confidence and created long-lasting relationships.
Holy Child truly feels like a family working together to provide the best experience for everyone involved. Our children had so many fun activities and too many highlight moments with us to mention them all. 
A great few that stand out to me personally are watching our children learning cooking skills, visits and cultural presentations from our participant parents, a special visit to our local senior home, messy science experiments, dodge ball, and bowling as a family. 
We thoroughly enjoyed working with such enthusiastic happy and active children! Every day was such an adventure. We will have many more fun filled days to come in June and next school year!
Thank you for all of your support and I look forward to spending time together again at the TOPP KIDS BBQ on June 15!
Thank you again for a fabulous year!

- Karen Swanson

Science Experiements Outside!
Baking fun!
Copperfield Elementary

We have been very busy this past month with a lot of exciting things happening at our centre!  Our Lights on Afterschool event was so much fun and such a success.  Thank you to those that were able to come out and support us.  The kids worked very hard  for weeks practicing their acts for the talent show.  We were able to raise $160 for Tails of the Misunderstood Rescue Canine Society from admission and concession sales!
The newspaper club published their very first edition of Topperfield Times.  There are many different articles including sports and book reviews, art and comic book features, horoscopes, and more!  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, please do!  There is a copy at our centre.
We also had some special guests at our centre this past month.  A fire fighter came in to do a presentation about fire safety.  The kids were very engaged and asked a ton of questions!  We also had Mountain Mike, a radio host from Shine FM come in.  He even called in to the radio station and put us on air!  The kids were beyond excited!
We have so many fun and exciting themes to close out the year.  We will be having a games theme where children will create life sized games and/or make up their own games.  And a kids choice theme, where children will plan every single activity we do!

We look forward to seeing you all at our Year End BBQ on June 15 at Park 96! 
Lights On Talent Show!
Fire Fighter Visit!
Evergreen Elementary

The month of May was quiet exciting at Evergreen!
To start we had an amazing beginning of the month enjoying a pizza party followed by making a mini golf course out of recyclables. 
May 11th was our annual lights on after school event where  we celebrated the before and after school programs all over Alberta!! Our event was a roaring success with 115 people attending!! A big thank you to all that came and to our wonderful sponsors, Tim Horton's Evergreen, Superstore and Ford Canyon Meadows.
We are finishing up the month enjoying the sunshine and spending all the time we can laughing on the play ground!

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Lights On Event!
Drive in Movie!
Maple Ridge Elementary 

We can't believe June is already here! May just flew by. We spent as much time outside as possible and have been exploring new sports like lacrosse and baseball! We stunk up the school during an exploding soap experiment and hosted a Day in the Life of TOPP KIDS for Lights On After school where our friends and family came to check out our projects and what makes our centre special! We had a wheels day then adventured to get slurpees from 7-11. We finished off the month with a splash day and a Starwars theme. June is bitter sweet, we can't believe the year is almost over but we are so excited for all the fun things we have planned!

Wheels Day!
Maple Ridge Kindergarten
During the month of May we had a wonderful month celebrating “Lights on”; taking the opportunity to display all the work children have been doing in our program and all the fun they have had while in our care, learning through play.
Mothers and Grandmothers were treated by their children with a manicure, sweet treats and a very touching ending with a poem written by each child and a bath bomb made by the children at TOPP KIDS. Our trip to the Zoo was such a great highlight of the month, ending the trip with an ice cream treat donated by one of the parent’s at the Kindi program and getting the opportunity to see the Panda which they had been excited for.
Children are enjoying the nice warm weather, using chalk to paint rainbows as a part of our weekly activity, and lots more fun outdoor activities.  June is here already and the children are asking about our father’s day celebration. A child from our Kindi program went on a tour to different countries during the month of May, she has shared some of her fabulous experiences with us and by unanimous decision the children would like to explore the country of Iceland!  We will be making this our child initiated theme for the first week of June. The end of the year is approaching so fast and we are keeping busy making the most of the month. We look forward to our end of the year BBQ at Park 96!
Mother's Day Treat!
Visiting the Zoo!

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