February & March

Special Dates
13 Shrove Tuesday
14 Valentines Day
16 Chinese New Year
20 Love Your Pet Day
28 Pink Day (end bullying)

01 TOPP KIDS Spring Break Sign up
15 TOPP KIDS Summer Camp preregistration 
17 St. Patrick's Day 
21 World Poetry Day
25 Neighbor Day
30 Good Friday

PD Days & 1/2 Days
14 1/2 day for Copperfield & Prince Of Wales School
15 & 16 Teachers Convention for All Schools

22 PD Day for CCSD & Coventry Hills School
22 1/2 Day for Copperfield School
23 PD day for All
26 - 29 Spring Break for all CBE 

19 Family Day 

30 Good Friday 

Dear Parents,

Excited for growth!

Over the past month both the TOPP KIDS program teams and the Support/ Management teams have gone through a tremendous amount of professional development fostering a more knowledgeable and passionate staff. We are extremely excited to take this what we have learned and continue to create amazing programs for all of our families! That being said, I would personally like to thank all of our families for helping make this happen on January 19th. Already we have seen our teams grow and hope you have too. 

Now that we are mid year, we are turning our focus now to providing more learning opportunities with ART Programs and Literacy Programs and growing our teams for next year. We have also begun planning for our annual SUMMER CAMP! Please be sure to read about the changes to camp this year below. 

TOPP KIDS has also been busy partnering with other organizations across the city to provide more inclusive care to families with different needs and backgrounds. We will be introducing a city-wide one-on-one aide program with DDRC as well as hosting CIWA to present a Cross Cultural Parenting Program for families of TOPP KIDS who are new to the country.

As always we love to hear feedback from our families and are excited to learn about the needs of our community, so please, contact us or fill out our surveys! (below).


Never forget to.....

Spring & Easter Break Camps 2018

Register with your Program Coordinator March 1st – 15th, 2018.

Public Schools Spring break day camps are hosted on location at the school
Catholic Schools Easter Break Camps will be hosted at the South Gate Alliance Church
Spring Break Fee’s

FREE               with a FULL TIME monthly fee ($480 /$500 / $850)
$25 /day           with a PART TIME monthly fee ($425 / $400)
$65/day            DROP IN
Cut off for Spring / Easter break registration is Thursday March 15th 

Check with your Program Staff for planned spring break activities, events and fieldtrips!

Looking for a handy and crafty dads or moms to help create items for weekly themes and prop boxes or come in and run a project or activity your passionate about. Speak to your Program Coordinator if you'd like to take part!


We are very excited to announce our NEW camp location at the Acadia Recreation Centre (the ARC) for the 2018 Camp season while our regular Summer Camp home at the Willow Ridge Community Centre undergoes a HUGE renovation (making it impossible for us to be there this year). We are ecstatic for all the community resources we will have available while at the ARC: indoor asphalt rink, Alberta Tennis Centre, Acadia Pool, Racquetball courts, an industrial kitchen, multiple outdoor fields and so many other amenities close by!

TOPP KIDS is always committed to upholding and improving the quality and reputation our past summer camps have built and look forward to amping it up this year with more opportunities available. This being said, there will be a slight increase in fees to accommodate the increase in venue cost that came with the change of location. We are committed to affordability and have taken into consideration the broad spectrum of families utilizing our camps and we will continue to offer amazing affordable summer programming this year!

A Summer Camp pre-registration email will go out on March 8th including all information on how to register, program activities, weekly schedules, prices and fees.
PRE-REGISTRATION opens Thursday, March 15th @ 7:00 pm online (TOPP KIDS families only).
PUBLIC REGISTRATIONS open online Tuesday, April 12th @ 7:00 pm.

Summer Camp Registration & Info Night will be hosted Tuesday April 12th 5pm – 7pm (Mandatory)


TOPP KIDS has now partnering with the DDRC to work towards providing an extension to our Child Care Aide Program, providing an additional full time aide to children who are already approved for FSCD (Family Support for Children with Disabilities)
funding during program hours. This specially trained aide would join the child in the program and help them develop social and emotional skills as well as build leadership opportunities and focus on confidence building. With this, we are working to develop a solid set of policies around this program and are looking for feedback from our families! 

If you are interested in helping us create this program, please leave your thoughts in our Contact Us box on the main page of our website or email them to .

TOPP KIDS is partnering with CIWA in late March to bring TOPP KIDS families our latest in our series of Parent Events, this one being geared towards families that are new to Canada! Date TBA.


Program Description 

The program helps immigrant parents cope with parenting challenges in a new country and culture.

Program Details

  • Educational sessions for parents of children 0-6 years old
  • Educational sessions for parents of teenagers
  • Individual parenting skills support
  • Customized educational sessions and support for fathers
  • Customized educational sessions and support for grandparents
  • Understanding expectations of Canadian society
  • Facilitator training workshops for service providers working with immigrant families

Eligible Clients

The program is available for all immigrant parents and grandparents, including Canadian citizens with language and cultural barriers.

Additional Program Information

  • Parents learn how to connect their cultural values with Candain expectations
  • Parenting courses are offered over a period of five weeks (two-hour sessions, twice a week)
  • The program is available at various locations throughout Calgary
  • Program manuals are available in the following languages: Arabic, Dinka, Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Mandarian, Spanish, Urdu and Vietnamese
  • Referrals to other CIWA programs help participants access additional supports


Free childcare and first language is available 


Check out what each of our programs have been up to!

Prince Of Wales Elementary

We had a wonderful January here at Topp Kids Prince of Wales! It was so exciting to come together again and hear all of the winter break stories that everyone had to share! We had tons of fun activities that went on in January, such as reaching out to our teachers to thank them for their hard work during our teacher appreciation week, and exploring the world of animals with activities such as tail tag, an animal drawing contest, and an exploration of scientific genetics! Thanks for an amazing month, and we look forward to the fun that's coming in February and March!

Creating Thank You cards for our wonderful teachers!

Building Towers!
St. Philip Fine Arts School

The TOPP KIDS at St. Philip are always finding new, creative ways to have fun while learning! This month is no exception! As we are revamping our literacy programming, the children had the opportunity to build their own story/comic books. There was so much interest we decided to make it a competition. TJ and Fischer won with their comic book entry called “The Battle of the Cats”. The children had so much fun building comics and story books that they have decided to make it a month long club! Teachers convention is quickly approaching, and we have lots of fun activities in store. For Thursday the 15th we have a glow stick dance party (won by the children with our healthy snack point system), and Friday the 16th we have our second annual building competition with loose parts. In light of that, we will be accepting loose parts donations such as boxes, rope/string, tape, recycled material etc. Thank to all the parents and teachers that have all ready contributed to our loose parts programming! It is immensely appreciated.

Battle of the Cats

Glow Stick Dance Party
Coventry Hills Elementary

We had so much fun blasting off to a new year! We’ve welcomed our new staff member Kristyn, and have loved having her! The kids adore her, and she is a perfect fit at our centre! 😊

Using loose parts has been our goal for these past couple of months, and the kids have been loving it! When we bring out the loose parts and giant cardboard boxes for the kids, we do not give them any direction as to what exactly to create, and they go bananas over it. It has been so much fun seeing what creative ideas they come up with. This month, they created a Mega Crime Stopper Car. They even used the foam covers from apples at the grocery store as the metal bars to keep the bad guys in the back seat. I’ve never seen a project that EVERY child in the entire room was working on in unison. It was such great synergy project!
Having parents come at least once a month to present what they do for work and how they do it has been another goal of ours. As seen in the picture, our parent career volunteer for January was Sarah, Aariz’s mom. She works in the justice system and brought her friend, Jen, and her K9 companion, Jersey! The kids said it was one of the coolest experiences they ever got to see, seeing Jen hide scents for Jersey to find all over the gym and watching her find them. Thank you so much to Sarah! We look forward to Amanda, Carter L’s mom, coming this week for Animal week, who is also bringing her K9 companion, Judge!
We look forward to seeing what other treasures February holds!


Jen and Jersey visiting our program!
Holy Child Elementary

We had such great fun in January! Even the large amounts of snow and the frigid temperatures haven't stopped us from having a blast here at Holy Child!
The children had such great fun when we had Monkeynastics come in to do an in house gross motor activity with us. They were able to learn lots of new skills such as balancing and coordination! We look forward to more partnerships with Monkeynastics in the future! We also were very fortunate to have a parent volunteer come in to give us a cooking lesson! The children were so excited for that especially because they got to eat what they cooked! During the month of January, we have worked very diligently to build our Literacy Center and have slowly been introducing this to the children. Watch out for some cool activities in the coming months!
Our Literacy Centre!
Copperfield Elementary
For the first week of February we tried something different at Copperfield.
We were having some issues with the children getting along so we decided to do a Friendship/Leadership week. The kids were put into “buddies” Gr.1s & Gr.3s and Gr.2s with Gr.4s. Each day they had to do a different activity with their “buddy”. The games included the train game we played at Gail Gorke’s workshop, Charades and choosing a board game to play.
This week our theme is “Alberta”. We are learning about the different regions of Alberta and on Friday the children will do a mini research project in groups of six based on the different regions.
For the last two weeks we won’t be doing themes as we did a Parent Survey and we are awaiting their response to see if they’d like to continue with themes.
For Teacher’s Convention, we are planning on going skating for Thursday if we have enough cover and starting our Spa Booths!  On Thursday & Friday the children will work on creating and running their own booth for manicures, pedicures and massages!
Harry Potter Club
Find the Dinosaur Scavenger hunt!
Evergreen Elementary

This month we had a snow much fun day where we painted in the snow  and tried out a snow volcano!

We started out leader clubs where our leaders are teaching kids their favorite hobbies! We now have a community club, note book club, cooking club and teakwondo club!!!

Our pet rock Leonardo Da Vinci is now going on sleep overs at our Topp kids families house for the week ends! So far he is having a wonderful time!!

This month we will celebrate valentine day by making  our own mail boxes and give out valentines! We will also have a Chinese new year celebration and have a scavenger hunt along with much more fun activities!!! 
Taekwando Club with Joon~
All of the cool Activities we have done at Evergreen!
Maple Ridge Elementary 

January was a month full of exciting activities for Maple Ridge! ! We also had Monkeynastics stop by for a visit and do fun activities with the children. On our January PD Day we visited Willow Ridge Community Centre to skate for the afternoon! We also held our annual elections for Secretary, Vice President and President. We cannot wait to see what plans they have instore for us. In February we are looking forward to going skating again, celebrating Chinese New Year, and a fieldtrip to The Breathing Room yoga studio. Thank you to the volunteers who came skating with us, it is greatly appreciated!

Egg experiment Fun!
Skating Fun!
Family Day Weekend Activities in YYC
Amazing TED Talk by Rita Pierson
Winter Activities in Alberta

Satisfaction Surveys... 


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Our Out of School programs at TOPP KIDS thrive off of feedback from our families and teams- without feedback, we would not be able to grow as successfully as we do!

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