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01 Easter
02 World Autism Awareness Day
12 Summer Camp Registration Night (5-7pm)
17 Toy Testing Night

22 Earth Day

PD Day
20 PD Day for All Schools

02  Easter Monday


Child Registration for September 2018 


May 1st - 14th is our  existing families pre- registration time frame before we open our wait lists!

All TOPP KIDS programs will be hosting Registration Nights and handing out individual packages for each child that must be checked, signed and returned with 10 (ten) post dated cheques for the 2018/19 school year - Registration Night dates and details will be available at your programs by Friday April 20th.

Each package must be returned with:

  1. Signed TOPP KIDS consent forms - Given to you by the program
  2. Signed Child Profile - Given to you by the program
  3. Updated photo of your child
  4. Ten (x10) Postdated cheques dated for either the 1st or 15th of each month (TOPP KIDS does not accept cash payments)

If you do not attend the Registration Night and complete your forms- TOPP KIDS will assume that your family is not returning the following year and will fill your spot with a family from our wait-list.

Thank you to all of our amazing families!!!

Never forget to.....

It is almost that time of year again where we all come together as one big community to raise awareness for After school and Summer programs for our children. These programs keep our children safe, provide learning opportunities for our children, and help hand in hand with working families.
Join us on Friday May 11, 2018 at your respective Topp Kids location for an evening of fun and games, all while raising awareness to:
- Increase investments in after school
- Improve professional education opportuninties
- Advocate for policy-makers to ear mark research and funding projects that are specific to school age programs
- Create the "Ideal Future" working towards accessible high quality after school programming for every child and youth in Alberta

                                                   Help us keep our Lights On After School!

Summer Camp 2018 Registration Evening
Thursday April 12th 5 -7pm

       Hosted at Acadia Recreation Centre (The ARC)
       240 90th Ave SE

Thank you to all the families who applied this year to be a part of our TOPP KIDS Summer Camp 2018! We had an overwhelming amount of applications and closed applications for the wait list within three days which has never happened before!

Those families who have received CONFIRMATION emails will need to attend our Registration Open House on Thursday April 12th.

Step 1: When you walk in, you will be given your child's file with original application, and child profile, please confirm that all personal information and registered weeks are correct along with the confirmed payment amount and your cheques are complete according to the cheque writing guide provided.

Step 2: If CHANGES need to be made (adding, subtracting/ swapping weeks) see the changes desk 
** Please note: Due to the overwhelming registration response, subtracting weeks from your initial registration, may cause your confirmed registration to be wait listed       
If NO changes are needed to your weekly registration, proceed to an open registration desk or wait patiently until your number is called. 

Step 3: Submit cheques, confirm child profile information, weeks & you are complete!

- If your child is attending the overnight Leadership Camp, there will be a MANDATORY information session from 6:15 - 6:45pm (campers welcome)

If you are on the Summer Camp Wait list: 

You will be contacted if space becomes available!

We are in the process of creating partnerships with additional rental spaces to provide more summer camp spaces to families next year. We sympathize with all families that we were not able to accommodate this Summer, this was the first year we have filled so quickly! We are committed to creating more Summer locations/ camps next year to meet the demand!

If you are still in need of summer care, we have added a link to other camps below in the Resources section of this newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you all this summer!!!

Please note, we have laready filled for this event!

TOPP KIDS is partnering with CIWA to bring TOPP KIDS families our latest in our series of Parent Events, this one being geared towards families that are new to Canada! Date TBA.


Program Description 

The program helps immigrant parents cope with parenting challenges in a new country and culture.

Program Details

  • Educational sessions for parents of children 0-6 years old
  • Educational sessions for parents of teenagers
  • Individual parenting skills support
  • Customized educational sessions and support for fathers
  • Customized educational sessions and support for grandparents
  • Understanding expectations of Canadian society
  • Facilitator training workshops for service providers working with immigrant families

Eligible Clients

The program is available for all immigrant parents and grandparents, including Canadian citizens with language and cultural barriers.

Additional Program Information

  • Parents learn how to connect their cultural values with Candain expectations
  • Parenting courses are offered over a period of five weeks (two-hour sessions, twice a week)
  • The program is available at various locations throughout Calgary
  • Program manuals are available in the following languages: Arabic, Dinka, Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Mandarian, Spanish, Urdu and Vietnamese
  • Referrals to other CIWA programs help participants access additional supports


Free childcare and first language is available 


Check out what each of our programs have been up to in March!

Prince Of Wales Elementary

This month at Prince Wales we focused on learning all about each other. For the first week we did All about me where we learnt about one another by playing things such as people bingo, doing self portraits and asked a daily question to get more familiar with each other. The week after that we talked about diversity and with the Paralympics at play we discussed what inclusion is and how each and everyone of us is unique! Then it was all about Staff, each staff member constructed a craft / activity that represented them! We are ending this month with Spring Break, so far we have had Mad Science join us to talk all about energy ! The last week we are going to the movie theater, doing a community walk and a talent show!


Watching the Mad Scientist

Sock Puppets
St. Philip Fine Arts School

The children have been working hard to fill up our #Beccatoldmeto board! With over 80 future-adults in our program, and we saw an opportunity to teach them a very valuable life lesson which is SELFLESSNESS! In a world that seems so full of hate and despair we needed these young minds to see the beauty in humanity. At TOPP Kids, we are continuing Becca’s legacy by sharing with the group our Acts of Kindness throughout the day, and applauding them for their acts. A lesson we have learnt is that when we praise a generous heart, we create a ripple effects with children. We are also teaching children that social media can sometimes be used for good! So, everyday the children write their acts of kindness on a piece of paper and post them to our #beccatoldmeto board. We then take photos of these and post them on our Facebook account once a week where the world can see them and be inspired! The #beccatoldme to book is also a great learning tool.💕 This past week, our centre has received recognition from Becca’s father Darren Schofield and the author of the #Beccatoldmeto book, Jason Tremere! How exciting is that?!
We totally encourage every class room, youth group, after school program, child care facility etc,  to keep Becca’s legacy alive and teach our future-adults how to rule this world with kindness ❤️

#BeccaToldMeTo Board

Reading Beeca's Story
Coventry Hills Elementary

We want to thank all our families who came to our Popcorn Day event. It was so nice to be able to stop and smell the flowers and have quality time engaging with our families. We appreciate everyone who took the time to come visit us! Our kids have been on a creative streak these past couple of months, from creating flip books, making bands and rocking out by using our instruments, or constructing unsinkable ships from tin foil. We’ve been loving seeing our children’s imaginations soar!
We are also excited to announce that beginning in April, Kate and Melissa will be beginning their own side projects with the kids. Kate will be running Krafting with Kate and will be giving children some 1-on-1 time once a week to be able to let their creative minds grow as they create paintings, scrapbooks, or sketches together. We also believe this will encourage children who are more timid to be able to build up to confidence and believe they can do anything they set their minds to!

Melissa will be taking children who would like to grow their physical activity skills twice a week and will be running a Beginners Course and Experienced Course with children in the gym and building their skills with various sports or athletic abilities. This is a great opportunity for kids who would like to become more active but aren’t sure what interest them yet, since we have so many athletic children in our program 😊 
We look forward to what April has in store for us!


Popcorn Event with our Families!

Holy Child Elementary
Holy Child program has had the privilege of our parents visiting us several times over the last couple months. It has been so much fun getting to spend time together and learning more about the cultures of our participants. Our weekly theme exploring Columbia was well received by the children particularly our Spanish bingo game and the video we shared about traditional Columbian dance.
 It was great to have the parents join us again for a dodge ball game children and leaders versus the parents Great Fun!
We also had a wonderful experience learning about Laos from a parent and child in our program after a week of Laos themed activities. They took the time to put together a book of pictures and information and answered any questions the staff and children had about this beautiful country. Everyone enjoyed the lotus cookies and sticky rice the parent provided, and it was so fun to get to see real traditional garments. Such a treat to see the colorful intricate patterned materials used.
I can’t wait for our next visit at the end of this month as we have another parent help us to explore Brazil.
The calendar states that spring is here and a new calendar will be set up for the parents to join us in April. We look forward to the relationships between program and parents to continue throughout the rest of the school year. AMAZING!
Learning about Laos
Laos themed Activity!
Copperfield Elementary

What an exciting couple of weeks we have had recently, and have on deck in the future for TOPP KIDS! The month of March we have been able to arrange and engage in a number of exciting themes, such as: Kindness, magic, entrepreneurship, and our Harry Potter theme for Spring Break.For Kindness week we gave Topp Kids the opportunity to recognize all the amazing acts of kindness that they do for their friends, family, and each other every day.  They were encouraged to write these down and post them on our Random Acts of Kindness board!  During magic week we were able to explore and learn about different magic tricks, create unicorn headbands and make Leprechaun traps!  Unfortunately we were not able to catch one of those mischievous Leprechauns!  Entrepreneur week, has been brought back by popular demand! We were able to teach the children about products, services, marketing, pricing, cost and profit through the writing of our very own business plans!  They have been working so hard in their groups and have come up with some amazing ideas.  We were very excited to set up our very own market to sell items.  All the money that was made went directly into their Kids Fund, where they get to use the money to do something really cool and exciting of their choice! We look forward to what April has in store for us!
Random Acts of Kindness Board!,.
Entrepreneur Week!
Evergreen Elementary

This month at Evergreen we’ve been busy as ever!
Our Fridays have been dedicated to Leaders Clubs! Sandra has created a wonderful Notebook club where the children have the opportunity to create their own notebook made out of 100% recyclables! Joon is teaching Taekwondo , Lucie is doing cooking club and Kathleen is teaching the importance of Community involvement.  In community club with Kathleen, we have been raising money for a teddy bear drive by have a weekly bake sale and collecting partially used teddy bears! All donations will be going to the Foothills Hospital.
We Celebrated International Women’s day and talked about how important equal rights and following your dreams are! The girls created a beautiful GIRL POWER poster… they made a women empowered garden and wrote all their strengths on the petals. GO GIRLS!
Our Evergreen TOPP KIDS is proud to present our LIGHTS ON CALGARY event on May 11,2018 from 5pm to 7pm.  We will be hosting our very first drive-in night. This event is open to the community and anyone who is interested in  our programs and learning about why afterschool matters! Admission is FREE, our TOPP KIDS will be selling movies snacks at their concessions stand. We look forward to seeing everyone  there
International Women's Day
Pink Shirt Day!
Maple Ridge Elementary 

February just flew by! We went on adventures to the Breathing Room Yoga Studio and Willow Ridge Community Centre for skating. Nicole came back to visit us and brought us all supplies for a pizza party! Our children learned how to do a traditional Dragon Dance for Chinese New Year from watching videos then made their own dragon for their performance. Our kindi program made an awesome fairy diorama for our Mystical Creatures week. All our staff and children had a fantastic time playing dodgeball against the parents to the finish off February. Thank you to all the parents who came out to the event! We are looking forward to our field trips during Spring Break to Southland Leisure Centre, The Treehouse Playground, and Inglewood Bird Sanctuary as well as continuing our new Club Fridays!!

Egg experiment Fun!
Skating Fun!
Summer Camp Directory for those looking!
Calgary Resources, Clubs, Extra Curricular Activity opportunities
Amazing TED Talk by Alvin Irby : How to inspire every child to be a lifelong reader.
40 Cool and Unusual things to do in Alberta.

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