Welcome to our inaugural XTC Deal Flow Newsletter! We have compiled a list of the XTC 2021 80 Global Finalists. These portfolio companies have been organized by the categories in which they competed: Agtech, Food & Water; Cleantech & Energy; Edtech; Enabling Tech; Fintech; Healthtech; Mobility & Smart Cities. If you are interested in connecting with any of these companies, please fill out this form for introductions.

- Extreme Tech Challenge Team
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Agtech, Food & Water:
Agrivi (Series A) is a global farm management platform, focusing on solving problems in the agri-food value chain. Pitch Video

CeresTag (Series A) is the world's first direct to satellite smart ear tag for livestock & data platform. Pitch Video

Crust Group (Angel/Seed) reduces food loss and waste by recapturing food that was destined for the trash bin and upcycling it into new, high-value beverage products. Pitch Video

Foodlocker (Bootstrap/Seed) is a production management and market access platform that meets the raw material needs of large food processors by supporting smallholder farmers with input, credit & expertise. Pitch Video

Kilimo (Series A) is an AI solution that provides irrigation recommendations to farmers using satellite and weather data in order to improve water use efficiency in agriculture. Pitch Video

Lentera Africa (Angel/Seed) is an agriculture technology company that uses a mobile platform to avail to farmers climate smart inputs such as organic fertilizer and digital farm advisory services, and also provide a digital marketplace for farmers to sell their commodities. Pitch Video

The Live Green Company (Series A) is building a proprietary technology platform, Charaka, to replace not only the animal but also the synthetic and ultra-processed ingredients in food products with 100% natural, functional and sustainable plant alternatives at ten times R&D speed and savings. Pitch Video

Magalarva (Seed) is a company that naturally process food waste using insect to produce protein and organic fertilizer. Pitch Video

Orbem (Angel/Seed) is unleashing fast, accurate, and accessible AI-powered imaging solutions that provide access to otherwise unattainable sources of knowledge. Pitch Video

Post Harvest (Angel) develops highly accurate sensor technology that are used to detect organic compounds in controlled atmospheres. Pitch Video

SafetyNet Technologies (Seed) uses light emitting devices to help fishermen catch the right fish and tackle some of the biggest issues facing the commercial fishing industry. Pitch Video

Solubio Tecnologias Agrícolas (Bootstrap) has developed an integrated solution to supply the needed machinery, products and technical assistance to produce your own crop control products at your farm. Pitch Video

Sophie's Bionutrients (Angel/Seed) is developing a new sustainable plant-based protein out of microalgae. Pitch Video

Takachar (Bootstrap/Seed) is using oxygen-lean torrefaction to enable small-scale, portable, and decentralized biomass conversion that cuts transportation cost and upgrades waste into higher-value products in remote communities. Pitch Video

ThisFish (Seed) is an emerging global leader in seafood traceability software that improves business efficiency and increases trust and transparency in seafood supply chains. Pitch Video

Wasteless (Series A) is a patented fully automated AI solution that applies optimal markdowns in real-time, based on products’ expiration dates and other factors - to reduce food waste and increase profitability. Pitch Video
Cleantech & Energy:
Apollo Power (Venture Capital - Series D +) utilizes proprietary technology to produce a flexible, durable, lightweight solar film to solve different energy challenges in a new way, both on water, in the air, for infrastructure, or in the automotive. Pitch Video 

Awexome Ray (Series A) has developed a smart ventilator installed directly to HVAC system of existing or new buildings to reduce fine dust, airborne bacteria and virus. Pitch Video

BeFC (Angel/Seed) produces paper-based biofuel cells to replace conventional miniature batteries found in portable or wearable electronic devices, helping to reduce environmental impact. Pitch Video

Bioelements (Bootstrapped) has developed BioE-8 Resin, composed of bio-based, renewable and biodegradable material, an alternative to conventional plastic. Pitch Video

Bondi Bio (Angel) is a target-agnostic platform that combines the elegant evolutionary solutions of plants with the latest advances in biotechnology to design robust, reliable and sustainable cyanobacteria able to produce targeted compounds for a broad range of markets. Pitch Video

Ecotree (Series A) is a simple and ground-breaking new way to reward individuals and businesses that support sustainable forestry. Pitch Video

Ecovadis (Private Equity) is the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, intelligence and collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains. Pitch Video

EH Group Engineering (Series A) is aiming to commercialize the fuel cell based on a radical new design and the development of a transformative manufacturing technique that dramatically reduces costs. Pitch Video

Gelatex (Seed) is a materials technology startup that innovates nanofibrous materials and nanofiber production technologies for eco-friendlier and healthier future. Pitch Video

Magorium (Bootstrap/Seed) recycles plastic waste through depolymerisation of plastic waste into an essential new material, NEWBitumen. Pitch Video

METRON (Series B) delivers Energy Transparent Factories, i.e. factories where energy usages are monitored, analyzed and optimized in real time though AI. Pitch Video

Mining & Process Solutions (Bootstrap) is a natural alternative to cyanide and acid for processing of metals in mining. Pitch Video

Mycelium (Angel/Seed) uses mushroom cells to convert agriculture waste into a new lightweight, strong material that can replace plastic foam in many applications such as packaging, furniture, and construction. Pitch Video

Pellet México Bioenergía (Series A) utilizes residues from the forestry, food and agriculture industries to develop a circular economy model to relate agricultural activities to the production of energy. Pitch Video

Planet Protector Packaging (Bootstrap) manufactures and distributes Woolpack, an environmentally responsible insulated packaging technology, to reduce B2B and B2C use of expanded polystyrene (EPS). Pitch Video

Resync (Series A) uses AI in combination with realtime data flow from various IoT devices, to analyze and ensure energy efficiency in the commercial & industrial scale systems. Pitch Video

Salubata (Seed) combines ancient African art with modern fashion, recycling (manufacturing modular shoes from plastic wastes) alongside deep technology to produce exceptional products. Pitch Video

CogniABle (Bootstrap) provides AI-driven solutions for child Autism screening and personalized treatment. Pitch Video

Equal Reality (Angel/Seed) creates Virtual Reality experiences for that are blended into Diversity and Inclusion Learning programs. Pitch Video

JIBB (Angel/Seed) is an app that allows users to use pen and paper, and normal whiteboard and marker, to translate the writing and drawing into the digital world, using patented powerful AI driven algorithms. Pitch Video

Kokoroe (Angel) is an online training platform to develop soft skills, hard skills or new technologies through short, engaging and up-to-the-minute courses.

Sense Education (Angel/Seed) is the world’s first AI solution that helps instructors provide personalized educational feedback to massive amounts of students' open-ended assignments. Pitch Video

Skriware (Series A) develops, manufactures, and sells a complete solution - equipment, software, and services with support from local education partners to create a hybrid K12 education system. Pitch Video

Testmaster Education (Bootstrapped) is an innovative, unique app to help senior secondary students learn and pass their matriculation exams with success with over 16,000 curriculum based, original exercises and tutorial lessons. Pitch Video

Thinkerbell Labs (Seed) has developed Annie, the world’s first Braille literacy device, that helps visually impaired people learn to read, write, and type in Braille on their own in any medium of instruction. Pitch Video

Unifa (Series C) tackles severe shortage of childcare supply in highly aging society by offloading nursery teachers' reporting work and pressures on child safety, health, and growth. Pitch Video

Enabling Tech:

Dot Inc. (Series B) is the maker of the first tactile monitor that can enable STEM education, visual works, and games for the 285M visually impaired people worldwide. Pitch Video

Multi Nano Sense (Angel) has a wide array of industry leading products in the field of Hydrogen Gas detection and analysis using our Patented Solid-State Electro-chemical Sensor technology with a novel reference electrode. Pitch Video

Pixxel Space Technologies (Seed) is building a constellation of earth-imaging satellites for imagery that will help build a health monitor for the planet by detecting, monitoring and predicting environmental phenomena critical to the health of our planet. Pitch Video

Quintessence Labs (Series C) offers an integrated portfolio of unique protection capabilities, from QRNG appliance to highly capable and interoperable centralized key and data security policy management, to meet every security need. Pitch Video


Expediente Azul (Seed) provides automated document collection for financial institutions for loan approval. Pitch Video

Hillridge Technology (Seed) has developed weather-based parametric insurance for farmers to help protect crop yields and livestock. Pitch Video

Invuelto (Seed) is a platform that automatizes money saving rather than credit, in a constant and effortless way to reach your own goals. Pitch Video

Jenny Life (Series B) plans to help improve access to life insurance for women and mothers around the world. Pitch Video

Whrrl (Seed) has created a B2B2C platform to address Multi Million Dollar frauds problem encountered by banks every year in the warehouse Receipt Finance segment along with social impact objective of increasing farmers' income by 25-40%. Pitch Video


3billion (Series C) applies AI to automate the gene variant audit and dramatically reduce the cost and turnaround time.

Astra Algoritmos (Angel/Seed) is building AI-powered medical imaging tools to help radiologists make the best use of their time by organizing chest X-rays to allow them to focus on the most severe cases. Pitch Video

BrainQ (Series B) is developing a precision medicine therapeutic platform for reducing disability following stroke. Pitch Video

Braizon Therapeutics (Series B) is developing an effective drug delivery system for a drug to get into the brain for brain diseases. Pitch Video

CLEW Medical (Series B) provides real-time AI analytics platforms designed to help providers make better informed clinical decisions by predicting life-threatening complications across various medical care settings. Pitch Video

Curies (Pre-Funding) helps quickly connect the right patients to the right clinical trials. Pitch Video

DiaMonTech (Series A) has developed a state-of-the-art technology platform to detect molecules in liquids and soft matter using infrared laser technology. Pitch Video

Genetika+ (Bootstrap/Seed) combines genetics, patient history and unique brain biomarkers to help those suffering from depression. Pitch Video (Series A) is utilizing Whole-Exome Sequencing data for in-human AI drug discovery. Pitch Video

Igentify (Series B) has developed a unified, end-to-end, genetic platform, capable of providing a genetic counseling solution in both clinical as well as non-clinical genetic testing set up.

Margo Health (Angel/Seed) is a redesigned sexual assault forensic evidence kit and integrated app that improves the experience of collecting evidence after a sexual assault for both assault survivors and healthcare providers.

Nanomedic Technologies (Series C) has developed SpinCare, a personalized, bedside and on-demand “self-peel” nanofiber-based device for fast, efficient, scar free healing from superficial burns, DSW, surgical & chronic wounds. Pitch Video

NAVi MedTech (Series A) is developing NeoNav to assist clinical staff with accurate placement of catheters in newborns by tracking its location using ECG signals once it enters a blood vessel. Pitch Video

PathGen Diagnostik Teknologi (Seed) is disrupting the molecular diagnostics market for cancer through inclusive, robust, and affordable platforms. Pitch Video

PhagoMed Biopharma (Series A) develops breakthrough therapies for chronic bacterial infections. Pitch Video

Proteona (Angel/Seed) is measuring cancer heterogeneity, cell by cell through precision medicine. Pitch Video

Sunfox has developed a product that is the world’s smartest ICU monitor, allowing physicians to manage patients remotely in scale. Pitch Video

Vitalk (Series A) leverages AI-powered chatbots to make mental healthcare more accessible in Latin America. Pitch Video

Wandercraft (Series B) develops and makes the first self-balanced exoskeleton to provide walking-impaired persons with human-like walk. Pitch Video

Xiretsa (Angel/Seed) is developing a new class of antibiotics that can treat infections unresponsive to current antibiotics and combat the growing antibiotic resistance problem. Pitch Video

Zi.Care (Angel) provides electronic medical records for healthcare facilities and doctors, and personal health records for patients. Pitch Video

Mobility & Smart Cities:

Geev (Venture Round) is an app for donating objects and food between individuals.

Grinntech Motors (Angel) is making EVs operational for sustainable, economical & green transit system. Pitch Video

Fotokite (Series B) helps public safety teams save lives with elevated and actionable intelligence at the push of a button. Pitch Video

Lizee (Angel/Seed) offers a SaaS and white-label logistics services to retailers to launch them into the sharing economy thanks to the rental of their products. Pitch Video

Manouv (Bootstrapped) has designed an electric vehicle that combines the safety and comfort of a 4-wheeler and the flexibility of a 2-wheeler. Pitch Video

Phoenix Mobility (Bootstrap/Seed) offers a retrofitting solution that combines practicality, cost-efficiency and circular economy, converting commercial and 4x4 vehicles into 100% electric vehicles. Pitch Video

Squishy Robotics (Angel/Seed) has developed rapidly deployable robots equipped with cameras and customizable sensors, increasing situational awareness by enabling persistent ground-level monitoring and establishing local mesh networks. Pitch Video

Wheel the World (Seed) is the marketplace to list, discover and book trips for people with disabilities. Pitch Video


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