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Congratulations to our Winner!

Winner Announced

After a fantastic fast-pitch rotation and a nail-biting vote from the live audience in Vegas, XTC is delighted to announce the winners of the inaugural HARMAN-XTC Startup Challenge!


Abby by GoGoTech
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World Food Forum Startup Innovation Awards Finalists

UN FAO World Food Forum Announce Finalists, Powered by XTC

With one competition coming to a close, we're already eagerly looking ahead to the next — the United Nations World Food Forum Startup Innovation Awards, powered by XTC.

At XTC, we want to give a platform to bright startups who we believe can make a global impact with their ideas. With categories of Better Production, Better Nutrition, Better Environment, and Better Life concerning healthy diets and a healthy planet, the WFF Startup Innovation Awards are a true embodiment of that mission; we're delighted to introduce you to this year's finalists.

Better Production

Boomitra offers an end-to-end solution where farmers can grow more with less, increase soil carbon, and get paid for reducing climate change.

Umami Meats create seafood that’s cultivated, not caught. Developing seafood that is better for nature and better for you.

Better Nutrition

FaunaTech develops a diagnostics platform for early detection of critical diseases, monitoring cattle health, screening milk quality, and reducing antibiotic usage.

Kinoko-Tech has created a unique fermentation platform that elevates a healthy food to a superfood.

Better Environment

HabiTerre is revolutionizing the modeling and monitoring of agriculture in a changing climate.

Mi Terro is redefining a circular economy in which plant-based and animal-based agricultural wastes are upcycled and engineered to replace microplastic.

Better Life

AgUnity is a secure, accountable online platform to help reach remote users, establish reliable lines of trade, and resolve transparency and provenance in food chains.

Dietrics is Southeast Asia’s first nano-ingredient food company, developing natural ingredients to create tasty, healthier, natural food.

Next month, at the World Food Forum flagship event in Rome, Italy, our eight finalists will take to the stage to pitch their innovations to our panel of judges. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement of the winners of the competition.

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XTC Testimonial

As the world's largest startup competition, we firmly believe in the potential of every one of our winners to deliver a global impact with their innovative ideas. So when we receive feedback like this, it means the world. 🌎

Thanks to the winners of our 2021 Global Finals, Hillridge, for their kind words.

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