"July is hot afternoons and sultry nights and mornings when it's joy just to be alive. July is a picnic and a red canoe and a sunburned neck and a softball game and ice tinkling in a tall glass. July is a blind date with summer."
 - Hal Borland

Truly we can all be thankful for July. The scorching days make us appreciate the coolness of fall for sure, but also make us enjoy even more a nap on a cool couch or just resting in the shade of one of Warson Woods’ majestic oaks. The extended daylight does wonders for people’s countenance and provides more time to do the things we love—some of which we would just not have the energy for in winter. 

July is a stage beckoning us outside to play our part in the story that is unfolding around us. So, when you are out walking the dog, riding your bike, or lounging at the pool and the humidity is palpable, take a moment and be mindful that you are a part of a larger community. Smile and say hello to those you come across. Embrace your part in the bigger design of things and share your unique personality with your Warson Woods neighborhood. To paraphrase, George Bernard Shaw, each of our lives belongs to the whole community and it is to our benefit to do for it whatever we can.

Don’t forget about our monthly food truck event at Royal Oak Park. Enjoy a July evening with friends, food and music. 

Shots of Summer! 
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Neighborhood Safety Reminders
Warson Woods is an idyllic neighborhood for walkers and bikers! Here are a few reminders on ways to stay safe while enjoying those rides and strolls:
1. Walk or ride on sidewalks, whenever possible. 
2. Walkers should walk TOWARD traffic and bikers should ride WITH traffic.
3. Bikers and other riders should ALWAYS wear a helmet - even adults need to protect their noggins! 
4. Look both ways before stepping or riding out into the street - drivers can be distracted (especially delivery drivers and service vehicles). 
5. Wear brightly colored (or reflective, if walking or riding in the dark) clothing. Flashlights or bike lights are also helpful in calling attention to yourself. 
6. And a bonus safety reminder - never EVER play in the creek (storm sewer). This area experiences flash flooding, and being an urban stream, the water may contain contaminates that could cause serious illness. 
Food Truck This Tuesday!
Officer Gene and his fans - Gene will be returning for the July food truck! Thanks Kayla for the adorable picture! 
Please join us at Royal Oak Park on Tuesday, July 20 from 5-7pm for food truck picnic at the park! Have someone else make dinner while your kids play at the park and you enjoy the company of your neighbors. We will rotate each month; this month's cuisine brought to you by Zacchi and Iced Treats by Sia. You can preview their menu and Zacchi takes pre-orders here starting a few hours before the event. 

If you are concerned about the potential for a line at the food truck, feel free to bring a picnic and just come down and join in the fun. We hope to make this a monthly event from March-October in the hours before city council meetings. 
Resident Spotlight - the Ullensvangs
Leon and Carolyn Ullensvang moved into their home on Jamaica Court in August of 1961.
What year did you move to Warson Woods?
We moved into our house in August of 1961, so next month we will have lived here sixty years! We bought it from the original owners, when our son was 18 months old and before our daughter was born. We were in our late 20s, younger than most in the neighborhood. Warson Woods is a great place to raise children and it's so accessible. We only had one car so I needed access to a bus line to get to work downtown. We loved the school - both of our children went to Warson Woods Elementary (now Rohan Woods) and they would walk home every day for lunch! Our favorite time of year is when school is in session - we love sitting on the patio and listening to the sounds of the children playing on the playground. 
What was the neighborhood like when you moved in?
Our kids used to just get on their bikes and go - our daughter and her best friend who lived up the street (who now lives across the country but is still like a sister to her) used to ride their bikes to Ben Franklin and the Velvet Freeze ice cream shop. 
The bridge club was very big. When we moved in we were invited to join and we got acquainted with so many families in the neighborhood. At one point there were 36 couples who played! The hosts served dessert and every year at the end of the year we had a big party. Now we play with our 11-year-old granddaughter when she visits!
Also, there was a very active tennis community. The courts were always filled and there were Memorial and Labor Day tournaments.  
Do you know any interesting history about your house or the neighborhood? 
One day I accidentally dug up a telephone cable and the repairman who came out to fix it used to live on the farm land behind our home. We had found a lot of horseshoes and nails in our back yard from the old farm, and remnants of a path that could have been the entry to the farm. He told us that during prohibition, there was a barn across the street that had an illegal still and when they were finished with a batch they would dump the grain and remnants of the distillation process into the lake and ended up killing all the fish! 
Leon and Carolyn with their two children, their spouses and granddaughter
Their lovely home in the early 1960s. 
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Save the Date: Yoga at St. Matts
Save the Date: 2021 Fall Festival
We are excited to announce the Warson Woods Fall Festival is back! Mark your calendars for Friday, October 1st for fun, food and fellowship.
(Pro tip: Give yourself a good 60 minutes in between eating a hot dog and riding that spinny ride.

The next city council meeting will be Tuesday, July 20 at 7pm at City Hall. Review the agenda and minutes from last meeting here
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