Herefordshire Media Network at Borderlines Film Festival 
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The Herefordshire Media Network (HMN) is a group of creative media professionals who live and work in Herefordshire.

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Herefordshire Media Network at Borderlines Film Festival

Supporting New and Local Talent in association with LT Baynham's

Monday 11 March 6.15pm Hereford The Courtyard
Running time: 75 minutes FREE

This programme of short films highlights some of the raw talent of up and coming filmmakers that now exists within the county.

Films include: Men Can’t Make Beds, Getting Close, A Letter Every Day, Stop/Eject (trailer) and Injured Birds.

Injured Birds 16 minutes
Stop/Eject Trailer 2 minutes
Getting Close 12 minutes
Men Can't Make Beds 8 minutes
A Letter Every Day 8 minutes

Tickets are FREE but need to be purchased via The Courtyard box office, to get your ticket please visit Courtyard Box Office Online 
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