Newsletter for the Alice Springs Significant Tree Group - February 2013

G'day Folks!

Welcome to our monthly Significant Tree Group update...

Firstly, thank you to all who attended the inaugural meeting of the Significant Tree Group. We know that many of you already donate much of your time to various committees and boards around town, but we appreciate your support and value everybody's input.

The Land for Wildlife team are very interested in seeing this project, gain momentum and interest in the community. This newsletter is the medium that we have chosen as being the most reliable for keeping everyone up to date with progress on the Alice Springs Significant Tree project. You can feel free to forward it on to anyone else that you think may be interested and/or able to contribute.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday the 27th of February at 10.30am. We will meet at the museum end of the Araluen Precinct carpark and have a look at some of the trees in the area.

As I'll be at the IACRC conference in Melbourne on this date, the other Land for Wildlife coordinators Jesse and Matt will step up to the plate in an organising and leading capacity. They'll have GPS, measuring tape, and camera gear to commence the recording of significant trees decided on by the group. If you have your own camera and would like to contribute images to the register, we encourage you to do so.

Our goal for these monthly gatherings is to spend an hour and a half at the most. Many of you are busy, and making the most of these gatherings will be crucial to their success. With that in mind, it'd be great if everyone could aim to be bang on time, or even 5 minutes early so that we muck around as little as possible and get straight into Significant Tree business. We'll have a 5 minute catch up at the beginning for introductions and to discuss where we're headed, and then get straight to the location, discussion and documentation of the trees in question. 

For your information, please click on the following link for a run down on the current nomination criteria for Significant Trees as set out by the National Trust (NT);

One hour of busy recording should see us get through a few trees, and perhaps more if we are able to split into two or more groups. At the conclusion of the recording session, we can gather and decide a meeting place for the next session which, by my calendar, should be Wednesday the 27th of March.

Thanks again for your involvement, and my apologies for this newsletter being relatively bare - it should fill out with wonderful tree pictures and stories as we gather more material.

Regards and many thanks,

Chris Watson

Sandhill Desert Fuschia Eremophila willsii. Significant? Maybe. A tree? Probably not. But wait until next month. We'll have a great tree picture here.
Brushtail Possum Trichosurus vulpecula, a rare centralian whose existence depends on having significant trees in our landscape.
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