Newsletter for the Alice Springs Significant Tree Group -  2nd Edition March 2013.

G'day Folks!

Welcome to our monthly Significant Tree Group update, 2nd Edition, March 2013.

Wednesday 27th February saw the first 'in-field' meeting of the Significant Tree Group at the Araluen Arts Centre. Bill, Jesse and Matt were in attendance from Land For WildLife, as well as Connie Spencer, Dick Kimber, Marg Friedel and Petal .

To begin proceedings,  Marg indicated the River Red Gums that had been overlooked during the last Significant Trees campaign at the end of last centrury. Three of the magnificent trees occur on the parcel of land between the Araluen carpark and the footpath along Larapinta Drive.
The trees show various growth forms and states of health; one has many stems, another shows significant white ant damage and has the majority of the original trunk eaten away, although all remaining bark and limbs show signs of vigorous health and plenty of new growth. The final tree in this group has many hollows, and extensive epicormic growth indicating some major stress in the last few years, a factor that has not affected the others close by.

Petal was able to take some great photos that depict the difference between the specimens. Some of these are shown below. The location of each tree was recorded by GPS and trunk measurements taken. The trees were mapped using GPS coordinates; a process we hope to replicate for all significant trees added to our register.

These trees and others across Larapinta Drive, are all that remain of the remnant River Red Gums associated with the Morris Soak drainage line that is no longer evident due to the urban development.

Dick was able to guide us to the court yard behind the Gallery to the remaining twin of the sister Corkwoods. Dick shared his considerable knowledge on this and the sister tree (now dead) and the importance of these trees and story's to traditional owners.

Many thanks for your involvement and support, I look forward to our next meeting.

Matt Digby

Connie Spencer and Jesse Carpenter Collecting the vital statistics of a lovely example of Hakea divaricata, Fork-leaved Corkwood.

Another Hakea divaricata. This is easily the largest specimen ever encountered by those surveying. It is well protected by Araluen Arts Centre and is part of the Arrente Women's Dreaming Story.

Eucalyptus camaldulensis, River Red Gum. Such a familiar friend. Locally we expect to see remnant examples along the Todd and her tributaries. These examples near Araluan Arts centre are associated with the former Morris Soak drainage line; no longer evident due to urban development. These trees are thought to be several hundreds of years old. 
A map of Larapinta Drive and Araluen Arts Centre, showing the trees recorded on the significant tree register last Wednesday. For those who missed the meeting, you can use this map to find and view the trees. 

Next meeting is schedueled for Wednesday the 27th of March. Let's meet at the south end of the old Malanka site, at the corner of Todd and Stuart. If we get through all the possible significant trees there we can easily move on to Town Council, CBD or RFDS and Stuart Tce Reserve and old Gaol.

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